Tricor Observation: Business accelerates restructuring amid COVID-19

January 27, 2021

After navigating uncertainty over the past year, our clients are aware that staying agile, ready to face and tackle unpredictable changes ahead is a key priority. Many companies in China are now reviewing and modifying their corporate structure. Tricor China’s latest article includes insights on how to smoothly modify the corporate structure, streamline and re-define the core and supporting functions, as well as reallocating their resources amongst China entities.

There are many different reasons or practical factors leading to the decision for restructuring of companies. Based on our observation and involvement in our clients’ restructuring exercises, here are the 4 most common reasons:

  1. Resources re-organization for new market
  2. Business expansion and speeding up market coverage
  3. Modifying management structure for expediting changes
  4. Business continuation and survival -- Scaling down and cost control

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Topics: COVID-19, Corporate Structure, China Entities, Mainland China

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Tricor Observation: Business accelerates restructuring amid COVID-19
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