Corporate Trust & Debt Services

Madison Pacific, a Tricor Company, is a premier provider of specialised independent financial and corporate services. Our services include Trust & Agency, Escrow & Custody, Asset Management & Fund Administration and Directorships.

Madison Pacific provides responsive and flexible services across a range of industries and geographies as well as transaction types. We have a particular focus and expertise in private equity and hedge funds in general and with a special situation or distressed lending in particular. Madison Pacific is regularly involved in debt transactions of all types including bond and note issuances (public and private) as well as club and syndicated lending. We are engaged both on ‘new money’ deals as well as replacement agent or trustee.

The Madison Pacific team comprises seasoned finance and legal professionals with over 20 years of experience and expertise in investment, asset management, and structuring and securities services largely in emerging markets. The team is dedicated to providing timely, workable and (if required) innovative strategies by partnering with our clients to develop and implement solutions for transaction and jurisdiction requirements.

With our base in Hong Kong SAR and offices in Singapore, Beijing, and London, Madison Pacific services its multinational clients including global banks, financial institutions, hedge and private equity funds, international, offshore and local law firms and corporates. As a member of SWIFT, we have a safe and efficient communication channel to conduct cash and securities trades with other members across the financial sphere.


Unparalleled investment and transaction experience and in-house legal team


Develop and implement tailored solutions and customised reporting


Timely response to client needs with simple decision lines, expertise, and efficient communication


Not controlled by or related to a commercial bank


Emerging markets-focused but operating globally

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We provide Corporate Trust & Debt Services in the following markets:

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