Empowering Issuers to Engage and Inform their Stakeholders

Our share registry portal offers seamless, integrated features to maximize efficiency as well as improving shareholder and investor engagement. Access comprehensive data, analytics, and ownership insights to enhance your issuer experience and ensure your organization satisfies all regulatory requirements. Extract valuable data to inform business decisions while ensuring compliance today. 

A game-changing GRC solution for businesses of all sizes and regulatory agencies

 Our Share Registry Portal benefits listed issuers, including corporations and investment trusts.

It streamlines operations, enhances shareholder engagement, and
provides comprehensive insights. From publicly listed and newly listed companies to REITs and InvITs, the portal offers efficient shareholder management, seamless communication, and regulatory compliance in a trusted platform.

Key Features


Streamlined Corporate Governance 

  • Simplify the appointment of key persons 
  • Efficiently manage board and shareholder meetings 
  • Store and share documents securely on the platform

Comprehensive Shareholder Insights  

  • View, analyze, and download shareholder reports 
  • Access in-depth ownership data of peers and industries 
  • Stay up to date with the latest research reports, news, trends, and regulatory changes 


Optimized User Experience 

  • Dynamic features adapting to regulatory changes 
  • User-friendly design accessible from any device 
  • Seamlessly access register of members, conduct competitor analysis, and browse real-time data 

Key Benefits


Streamlined Operations and Efficiency  

  • Simplified processes with one-click submission and streamlined application 
  • Time and cost savings through remote participation and efficient processes 
  • Seamless navigation to access register of members, manage meetings, and analyze competitors 


Comprehensive Insights and Analytics  

  • In-depth ownership data providing valuable insights into shareholder profiles and behavior 
  • Real-time information to stay updated with the latest news, trends, and regulatory changes 
  • Customizable experience to tailor the portal and access relevant reports and analytics 

Enhanced Shareholder Engagement and Trust 

  • Improved communication with personalized messages, push notifications, and timely reminders 
  • Transparent and secure platform to securely store and share documents 
  • Strengthened corporate image by demonstrating commitment to transparency, efficiency, and shareholder satisfaction

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