Investor Services Self-Service Portal

Investor Services Self-Service Portal at is a self-service, web-based platform for the management of holdings by our listed clients and their registered shareholders.

Tricor's services include the following:

Listed Issuer Services

Maintaining and providing access to registered shareholder information, holder lists and holding analyses.

TISC Member (Registered Shareholder) Services

Maintaining and providing access to all holdings serviced by TISC, for comprehensive online portfolio management

Non-TISC Member (Registered Shareholder) Services

Providing access to issuer-based holding enquiry of securities serviced by TISC, one at a time.

Main Practice Leaders

Pamela Chung Pamela Chung
Managing Director & Head of IPO
Hong Kong SAR
Terry Ip Terry Ip
Executive Director - Head of Share Registry and Issuer Services
Hong Kong SAR
Yeap Kok Leong Yeap Kok Leong
CEO & Managing Director
Malaysia / Labuan

What Clients Are Saying

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