Executive Search

When it comes to recruiting talent, we know it best based on our years of recruitment experience. Our vast arsenal of recruitment tools and channels will help companies find the top qualified candidates easily and quickly. By relying on our team to take care of routine as well as specialist recruitment tasks, companies gain the advantage of leveraging our infrastructure, while freeing up their team to focus on other core matters. Similarly, candidates looking to be hired by premium companies will find access to desired jobs at their fingertips.

Our key recruitment services include:

  • Holistic Solutions
    Our services include filing of annual taxes, handling working visa applications, and employee background checks. We understand that one size does not fit all. For every recruitment assignment, our teams work with clients to map out potential candidates based on specific technical skillsets, industries, and soft skills.

  • Multi-channel Job Ads Posting
    We use a range of digital tools to ensure that the ads reach as wide a range of candidates as possible. We also approach clients through professional social media platforms for targeted engagement.

  • Assessment of CVs & Key Candidate Selection
    Our end-to-end services include thorough screening and evaluation of CVs based on your unique requirements.

  • Execution of Complete Hiring Formalities
    We offer a dedicated team for each project and they take full responsibility for executing interviews, reference checks, and signing employment contracts.

  • Long-term Support
    We have a proven history of meticulous work and professionalism at every stage of the recruitment process. We form successful long-term relationships with our clients, giving us a deep understanding of our each client's culture and preferences. TSS utilizes in-depth research, intense sourcing and a highly focused approach to identify qualified candidates within the relevant industry sectors.


Benefits & Value We Deliver

  • High-quality Recruitment Services for Unparalleled Experience
    TSS initiates a fresh talent search for each new job posting to ensure all potential candidates identified for the position best fit the requirements. In addition, our fast CV turnaround time (within the same week from receipt) helps speed up the entire recruitment process.

  • Tailored Talent Search Strategy
    Different positions require a different talent search strategies. At TSS, our experienced team will listen to your specific needs, take the time to thoroughly understand the specific technical skillsets, soft skills and experience required by the position, and tailor a talent search strategy with quality advice on suitable channels for recruitment, competitive compensation packages, and more, in order to attract the right candidates.

  • Regional Perspective with Local Market Insights
    We share the same talent database across our APAC teams, which means we are able to expand our search beyond local markets. This not only increases the chance of finding the most qualified candidates, but also potentially helps companies gain new perspectives from overseas candidates.


(EA License Number: 73533)