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Digitally Transform
Your Boardroom

Boardfolio is Tricor’s secure, easy-to-use digital board portal that manages the full lifecycle of board and committee meetings. It is a secure and centralized repository of all materials pertaining to meetings and board processes, offering security, efficiency and seamless collaboration between board members, management and administrators.

Digital board portal for improved productivity,
security and governance

Take your boardroom digital
to improve security and productivity

Key Features


Reduces the company secretary’s workload

By digitizing the meeting process, the preparation is quick and easy. Files are uploaded directly to Boardfolio, saving time collating and printing bulky meeting packs. Alerts and updates are sent from the platform, without added stress. No more chasing content. No last minute emailing of the meeting agenda. Paper-free!


Board members sign resolutions and access information from anywhere

Meeting agendas, minutes (past and present), pending priorities and high-level documents are accessed by the board around-the-clock. They can sign resolutions with a digital signature wherever they have internet access.


Improves board member collaboration

Each board member has a dashboard displaying pending actions and priorities. Notifications and in-built chat improves communications, encouraging them to stay on top of their tasks and accelerating decision-making.


Empowers board members

With instant access to minutes from all past meetings and the latest documents, busy board members can get up-to-date quickly. Boardfolio enables them to prepare better for meetings with all information and recent chats in one place. They look professional during physical meetings, finding documents easily on their devices.


Single sign-on for multiple boards and committees

Board members who sit on multiple boards or committees can access all their meeting information with a single login. Less confusion. Say goodbye to the mad search through emails for documents. It’s all in Boardfolio, just one click away.


Top-level information is secured
on a trusted platform

All sensitive board-level information is stored in a central, secure place, not across random servers or in second-rate cloud storage. Data is encrypted when store, managed, and shared. Access rights are tailored to individuals’ roles. Printouts won’t be left lying around. Emails won’t go astray.

Boardfolio saves time, increases collaboration and adds greater security to board meetings and board administration

Simplify and digitize your entire board operations with Tricor’s Boardfolio. a board portal that makes board administration more efficient and effective on a secure platform that the board members can access in real-time.

Board Members

Designed to transform board meetings for Board Members and Chairpersons

View virtual board packs and interact with board members of multiple boards and committees in one place with a single sign-on.

Designed to transform board meetings for Board Members and Chairpersons
  • Access meetings, minutes and agendas from multiple boards with a single login

  • View priorities and pending tasks at a glance on a personalized dashboard

  • Receive notifications to view the latest versions of documents and spreadsheets

  • Easily mark-up, approve and sign resolutions online, anywhere, anytime

  • Increase collaboration with in-built chat features, private “one-to-one” or “one-to-many”

  • Member profiles contain contact details with the handy “click to call/contact” feature

  • Stay in control or catch-up quickly in physical board meetings, never skipping a beat

  • Smooth viewing technology (zooms, pans, scrolling), simple navigation, double-page layouts


Simple board meetings management for Company Secretaries and Administrators

Tricor is the largest corporate secretarial services provider in Asia, with over 20 years of experience, we know what board members need. Take the next necessary digital step with Boardfolio.

Simple board meetings management for Company Secretaries and Administrators
  • Boardfolio provides administrators with a single place to manage meetings across committees and teams in real-time

  • Compile virtual board packs, build agendas, link files, take minutes and archive records, all in one place

  • No need to manually prepare, print or distribute bulky board packs, it’s all virtual

  • Send alerts, reminders and updates to members with a simple click

  • Manage tasks based on board members’ roles and responsibilities

  • Track objectives and assign post-meeting action items to improve efficiency and coordination

  • Grant board members access to certain data and documents with easy-to-configure permissions

  • Board members can freely access information independently and around-the-clock


Digitizing board management adds security benefits 

Sensitive board papers will never wind up in the wrong hands when you use Boardfolio to manage board documents and materials.

  • A centralized platform where all data is stored, managed and shared securely

  • Never fear emailing sensitive documents to the wrong person by mistake

  • Board members never need to print out hard copy documents that could end up in the wrong hands

  • Avoid risk exposure from random cloud storage solutions used by board members

  • Use of proprietary multi-layered advanced encryption for all data, in transit and at rest

  • Our data centers are ISO 27001:2013 certified, the gold standard for information security

  • Highly robust and secure hosting infrastructure in the EU

  • GDPR compliant


Works on all devices to suit all board members

Boardfolio is optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones, compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) web browsers across Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

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Unlimited Data (1)

Unlimited Data

Supports unlimited data domiciled in The Netherlands for strong data protection.


Unlimited Training (1)

Unlimited Training

Your subscription includes unlimited local and virtual one-to-one training sessions for your administrators. Help Guides are embedded throughout the app for all users.


First-class Support (1)

First-class support

When you need help, our team of product experts are just a call or an email away. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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