Best Practice Checklist for Board Meetings in the New Normal (Part 3 – After The Board Meeting)

January 21, 2021

COVID-19 has upended economies and industries worldwide, forcing organizations to review the way they operate urgently. Without affecting the company boards while optimizing their operations through these challenging times, the three-part checklist helps your board to survive and thrive in unchartered waters.

Here are some of the strategies business leaders may find useful after the board meeting:

  1. Circulate the meeting minutes as soon as possible using a secure platform
  2. Track and monitor action items
  3. Incorporate action items into the next meeting agenda
  4. Evaluate your board meeting practices by considering the frequency and duration

A tool that we recommend to help you better manage your board meetings is Boardfolio.

Boardfolio is an advanced digital portal solution that manages the full cycle of board and committee meetings. It is a centralized, secure repository that empowers you to simplify your entire board operations, enjoy greater security, and enable seamless collaboration between chairpersons, board members, and company secretaries.

For more information, please contact Tricor’s team in Singapore, Eva Loong, at and (65) 6325 5784 or Tricor’s team in Malaysia, Celine See, at and (60) 3 2783 9228.

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