Protect your Workplace with Tricor Orisoft’s Thermal & Facial Recognition Solution

August 19, 2020

The world is preparing to return to work under the new normal. To reopen places of business safely, organizations must employ the necessary health screening procedures to protect their employees, clients and visitors.

Protect Your Workplace with our Thermal & Facial Recognition Solution

Tricor Orisoft’s Thermal & Facial Recognition Solution can deliver a fast, accurate and cost-effective strategy to minimize the risk of infection and restore confidence to the work environment.

Benefits to the system includes:

  1. Remote kiosk and touchless interface
    Prevent direct contact and eliminate physical touchpoints
  2. Digital temperature measurement
    Detectable from 3 feet / 100cm and accurate to 0.9°F / 0.5°C
  3. Facial recognition
    Improve security by restricting door access to unauthorized persons
  4. Mask recognition
    Improve hygiene by restricting door access to persons not wearing a face mask
  5. Integration with Time Management, Leave Management System, and Payroll
    Track attendance in real-time with automated systems


Our ground-breaking solution is available in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR and includes full integration with our human resource information systems (HRIS).

Clients leverage our technology in offices, shops, factories, hospitals, banks and more.

For more information, please contact Orisoft at and +60 (3) 7890 2525.

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