Indonesia Announces a New Update on the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) Related to BPJS

March 1, 2022

In regards to the Decree of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Number 1517 of 2021 concerning the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) of 2022, we hereby convey matters relating to BPJS:

BPJS Health and BPJS Man Power:
1. DKI Jakarta Minimum Wage is IDR 4,641,854,-.
2. The minimum monthly salary or wage used as the basis for calculating the contribution amount for Participants in DKI Jakarta is IDR 4,641,854. As for other cities/regencies, it refers to the UMP/UMK applicable in each city/regency.

Our IndoPayroll System has accommodated BPJS calculations in accordance with the government regulation of UMP and will be implemented on January 2022 payroll.


  • Notification letters from BPJS Health [Link to PDF]
  • Notification letters from BPJS Man Power [Link to PDF]
  • The decision of the Governor of DKI Jakarta regarding the 2022 Provincial Minimum Wage [Link to PDF]
  • List of Regency and City Minimum Wages in Indonesia in 2022 [Link to PDF]

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