Employment Practices During COVID-19: Employers FAQs Regarding Salary Payment

March 3, 2020
The central and local governments in China have issued a number of policies against COVID-19 which present challenges to employment policies. Below are the FAQs related to salary payment during the specify dates and the period of suspension for restarting of operation:
  • Is the extended Chinese New Year holiday a national statutory holiday? Do I need to pay for extended holidays? If an employee works during the extended holidays, which wage rates will apply for the overtime payment?
  • If employees work on January 31 and February 1, there are different treatment for different working hours?
  • How will the wages be paid during the period from February 3 to February 9?
  • How should employers handle salary calculation and payments for employees who have difficulties returning to work because of COVID-19?
  • For employees who need to be quarantined due to the COVID-19 epidemic, do employers need to pay wages normally?
  • How is the salary paid for employees who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 Pneumonia?
  • Can an employer require employees to be isolated at home? Does this situation require payment of wages?
  • How will the employer pay wages if the epidemic causes difficulties in business operations?
  • How will the employer pay wages if work is stopped due to the epidemic?
  • According to the policy of Beijing, due to the delay of the opening of primary schools, middle schools and kindergartens are postponed due to Epidemic Prevention and Control, each household can have one employee to look after their minor children at home during this period. How should employers cope with this policy? Do employers need to pay salary normally?
  • Can an employee claim a work-related injury if he or she is infected during the commute or at work?

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