Doing Business in India 2022 Guide

August 24, 2022

As part of its flagship initiative Diversify to Differentiate - Think India, Think Next!, Nexdigm has released its annual Doing Business in India publication. Aimed at providing an overview of India's current business environment while covering a diverse range of topics, such as policy changes, business structures, compliance obligations, labor regulations, the guide is designed to aid prospective investors in market entry. It provides a strategic roadmap for multinational corporations considering establishing a presence in India.

Setting up a business in India comes with unique challenges and opportunities. A thorough understanding of India's economy, tax structures, and labor landscape is key to a successful business expansion strategy.

Whether you are looking to set up shop in India or to streamline and expand your current operations, Tricor and Nexdigm will always be at your service.

Download Nexdigm's guide to find out how our global knowledge and local expertise help businesses expand into India, and beyond. 

Topics: Regulatory Updates & News, Market Expansion, Business Expansion, India

Download Nexdigm's "Doing Business in India 2022 Guide

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