The Future of Trade & Investment in the Greater Bay Area

October 28, 2019

For today’s thriving global businesses, it is almost compulsory to assert presence across the key business centers of the world such as the Greater Tokyo Area, San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, New York City and Greater London. Yet there is a new emerging economic powerhouse metropolis in the works that could potentially surpass any one of these markets in global influence—and it is only just beginning to catch the attention of international companies: China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA).

By this point you might be asking, “How can a region that’s only recently come to the forefront of investor attention really be anticipated to reach this echelon of success?” To answer this, we explore what is in store for the GBA and outline why global businesses and investors will be prioritizing this exciting region at the top of their list for decades to come.

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Hailiang Zhang
Mainland China

Topics: Mainland China, Finance & Investment, Greater Bay Area (GBA)

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Hailiang Zhang
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