The Future of Trade & Investment in Hong Kong

April 12, 2019

Hong Kong is often considered Asia’s premier global financial hub. The vibrant city has consistently been recognized as the world’s most competitive economy and one of the easiest places to do business. It boasts a free and fair business environment along with world-class infrastructure that meets the highest international standards. Furthermore there are major development plans to drive connectivity of Hong Kong – making it an appealing market for smart investors for years to come.

Here are some standout features of Hong Kong’s economy that are paving the way for investments in its promising future:

  • Expanding upon its reputation as a gateway to China & APAC markets
  • A magnet for world-class talent
  • Well poised to benefit from upcoming economic development projects
  • Becoming a base to help thriving Mainland & APAC firms go global
  • Favorable policies & incentives: Where businesses go to grow
  • Where businesses goes to grow

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Joe Wan
Chief Executive Officer - Hong Kong
Hong Kong (Head Office)

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