Tricor Holds 16th Annual Corporate Governance Seminar

Nov 15, 2019

The Now, New, Next of Corporate Governance

Tricor's 16th annual corporate governance market update entitled The Now, New, Next of Corporate Governance is being held on November 15th 2019. Since its inception in 2003, the event has hosted an increasing number of professionals across numerous industries.

Tricor's event statistics show that more people are taking notice of corporate governance, as this year's enrollment is 14% higher than last year's. Listed companies are also more interested in the themes, as proven by the 10% increase in registration from such organisations.

At the event, 'Now' will be covered in a session entitled Continuing efforts of HKEX and SFC to combat backdoor listing and market misconduct, 'New' aspects of corporate governance will be addressed in Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP) – Attraction, management and tax implications, in particular, the tax incentives in the Greater Bay Area and 'Next' will be spoken about during Get ready for the new scripless market in Hong Kong with Tricor – your solution partner.

2020 and Beyond

A look at market trends and client feedback enables the Company to discover the best way to maintain its position as Asia's leading business expansion specialist. Increasingly, findings show that clients expect convenience, tailored solutions and around-the-clock attention, so the Company's services and competencies must be timely, professional and reliable.

On October 22nd 2019, Tricor announced the grand opening of its new office located in the International Trade Tower in Kwun Tong. The Company was proud to mark its coming 20th anniversary with an increased investment in Hong Kong, seen as the future for its business. With so many great ideas and services having already come from grounds in the territory, the Company feels confident and excited that clients will continue to rely on it for business expansion needs.

Launched in August 2019, Tricor Trust brings exclusive, tailored trust solutions to private clients, family offices and corporate organisations based upon decades of experience. By focussing on both B2C high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and B2B markets, we can serve a larger client base, protecting and sustaining family wealth for future generations and aiding with corporate wealth. Tricor Trust assists clients from around the world with trust solutions to suit their needs.

It also provides corporate trusts to suit a wide range of Employee Share Incentive Schemes for private and publicly listed companies, with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs). Tricor Trust has also been the focal point of numerous events including a recent event where Tricor partnered with the Legacy Academy at its conference.

It is the first trust company in Hong Kong and Asia to incorporate the concept of sustainable trusts into its administration of trusts in order to protect and preserve the environment.

As of late October, Tricor has provided clients with minute-by-minute IPO services via its IPO mobile app. The app – which was downloaded close to 1,000 times two weeks – enables users to apply for IPO shares and check IPO allotment results anytime, anywhere. It is the first in Hong Kong to allow investors to apply for IPOs in their own name. It is also in line with the uncertificated securities market that may be implemented in Hong Kong and does not carry a service charge. Principally, it demonstrates the Company's dedication to its clients, as it smoothens and mobilises a process often seen as cumbersome.

TSS, Tricor's one-stop HR services consultancy, will be made available to the market in December 2019. It will provide high-quality tailored services along the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, onboarding and roster management through to payroll and taxation, performance management and off-boarding. The 4-D approach, Diagnosis, Design, Delivery and Diligence, enables the Company to customise HR services which help clients achieve business success through bringing in the right people the right way. With this new addition to the comprehensive suite of services offered to the market, clients can get one-stop service from the corporate level to the employee level.

“I am increasingly excited about the strength of our businesses, our agility to develop and deliver business expansion solutions, and the diverse talent of our teams across the firm” stated Tricor's Hong Kong CEO Joe Wan. “We expect strong business performance in 2020, fuelled by accelerating growth from our existing core business, corporate and investor services, complemented by our new services such as human resources consultancy and trust advisory services.”


From left to right: Michael Shue (Managing Director of Trust Services) , Wendy Kam (Executive Director of Corporate Services), Catharine Wong (Executive Director and Head of Investor Services), Joe Wan (Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Federation of Share Registrars Limited), Conbie Siu (Executive Director of Business Services) and Edith Chan (Director of TSS).

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