Tricor Axcelasia Expands into Singapore with New Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Solutions

Oct 30, 2020

Tricor Group (Tricor), Asia's leading business expansion specialist providing integrated business, corporate, investor, human resources and payroll, corporate trust and debt services and strategic business advisory is pleased to announce that Tricor Axcelasia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tricor Group, has expanded its full range of corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions into Singapore to offer risk management, internal audit and sustainability advisory to the C-suites and boards of publicly listed companies, private companies, multinational corporations and government-linked entities.

Tricor Group’s acquisition earlier this year of the Malaysian operations of Axcelasia, Inc., an SGX listed company, offers clients expertise in corporate GRC and internal audit and enhances Tricor’s well-renowned corporate services solutions in the ASEAN region. Tricor Axcelasia, with a staff of 100+ professionals and a 1,000+ client portfolio, is led by seasoned industry executives, including Regional Managing Director Ranjit Singh and Non-Executive Chairman Dr. Veerinderjeet Singh.

Tricor Axcelasia provides organizations with a tailored approach to structuring a solid corporate GRC framework, establishing sound risk management, regulatory compliance and internal audit practices. Now expanding into Singapore, Tricor Axcelasia will partner with organizations to increase awareness of strategic GRC best practices and know-how, identify business improvement opportunities with risk-based internal audit, transform day-to-day operations by integrating sustainability strategies, and provide objective guidance on board activities.

Gary Tok, Tricor Group Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are pleased to bring Tricor Axcelasia’s full GRC suite to Singapore. During this unprecedented moment of disruption, as companies in Singapore and beyond face emerging obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprise risk management is even more critical. Our dedicated team of highly experienced, specialized experts is fully prepared to develop and deploy integrated solutions that align GRC strategy with business strategy to enhance performance, raise security measures, fulfill regulatory requirements and protect organizations in Singapore against today’s increasingly challenging global business environment.”

Lon Gee Ho, Tricor Singapore CEO, said: “The GRC landscape in Singapore, ASEAN and global markets is constantly evolving. Our dedicated team can help organizations navigate complex operating environments so they can reap maximum value from their GRC investment.”

Ranjit Singh, Regional Managing Director Tricor Axcelasia, said: “Risk-minded organizations are better able to develop optimization strategies, supported by data and methodologies that reflect the many challenges ahead. Tricor Axcelasia’s professional and thorough guidance pre-emptively prioritizes the risks and challenges posed by constantly changing regulations and market conditions. In particular, our collaborative, tailored approach ensures that our services are personalized to every organization, industry and geography we serve.”


To find out how our GRC specialized expert team can safeguard your business, please visit our Tricor Axcelasia Singapore webpage here.


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