Scott Sato — Chief Executive Officer of Tricor Japan

Aug 13, 2019

Meet Scott Sato, CEO Tricor Japan. Scott has worked in an international setting, and joins Tricor with his 25+ years of experience. 

How do you measure success, what does success means to you?

Success is having fun while achieving your goals. Whether your company is big or small, it’s important to find purpose and enjoyment from your work. I’ve worked hard throughout my career but I’ve always had fun.


How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?

Nothing is more important to a company’s success than employee engagement. Communicate your leadership vision, share success stories and always take time to listen. You can never invest too much in your team!


When did you join Tricor & Why did you join Tricor? 

I joined Tricor to expand my horizons. Having worked in both the U.S. and Japan for 25 years, it’s rewarding to share my experiences while learning from our international clients and colleagues.

I enjoy helping clients to bridge the gap between East and West. Asia is growing rapidly and each market offers unique investment opportunities.

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