Quah Kwee Yun, Felicia – Supervisor, Business Services in Malaysia

Oct 25, 2018

Meet Felicia Yun, Business Services Supervisor in Malaysia for Tricor. Felicia has been part of the group for 4 years, during that time taking opportunities to learn and independently handle tasks to advance her personal growth. Her positive mental attitude has helped introduce her to new challenges while maintaining a work/life balance.

Why did you join Tricor?
Tricor is one of the top service providers in Malaysia. I know I would have many opportunities to learn and handle the financial matters of our clients from different industries.

How long have you been working in Tricor?
4 years (since November 2014)

What do you enjoy the most about your role?
I am able to learn and handle different types of financial accounts from different industries. Besides corporate training and guidance given by the company, Tricor has assisted me to be more independent and advanced my personal growth.

What career advice would you give someone in your field?
I have always believed that one must have the right attitude and behaviours towards work or life, regardless of who you are, or what field you are in. Once a person has the right mindset, they are both motivated and adaptable, making them more open to learning new skills or improving their knowledge

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