Kooi Ee Lin – Assistant Manager, Corporate Services in Malaysia

Oct 25, 2018
Meet Kooi Ee Lin, Assistant Manager of Corporate Services in Malaysia. Her main advice to give is to work hard and maintain a positive attitude to have a successful career, something she is applying to her on works. 
Why did you join Tricor?
I joined Tricor as it is the largest secretarial service provider in Malaysia, and I believe I can learn lots and improve quickly due to its large customer base.
How long have you been working in Tricor?
6 years and 7 months (I joined on 20 February 2012)
What do you enjoy the most about your role?
I treasure the opportunities given to me to learn how to be a manager/leader and be involved in managing a team. Managing people is challenging but I hope I am able to inspire others and help them to be their best.
What career advice would you give someone in your field?
There is no shortcut to success, opportunity is for those who are prepared. Willingness to take responsibility and maintaining a positive attitude at work can take your career to the next level.

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