Ian Comins, CEO of Tricor Cayman Islands

Feb 7, 2020

1. How do you measure success, what does success mean to you?

I don't see success as something that can be measured in a fixed amount of time. For example in our team environment, when all participants have pulled together and done everything possible to achieve a target, that's a very positive goal. If the target is not achieved, and often the first time around it is not, real success comes from learning about individual and group capabilities in previous efforts, addressing the development areas and being best placed to achieve the target next time. Once a target is achieved, it is important to take time to appreciate and acknowledge progress, but also it is crucial to keep looking forward.

2. How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?

Everyone has different stimuli for motivation and it's impossible to meet them all, all of the time. However, I think it is important that employees are well informed of the importance of their roles within our organization and have this validated frequently. This can be achieved with feedback, growth opportunities, and a clear understanding of who we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it. Not just the minutiae, but also the bigger picture. It's hard to be engaged if you don't know what you're engaged with. Also, it's important to make employees feel safe; we can't fear mistakes, we all make them. An environment where mistakes are quickly identified and remedied and lessons learned positively is one that shows a mature and actively engaged workforce. 

3. What is the best career advice you’ve received and why?

When I was 15, I completed one of the first-ever computer program driven careers tests used in UK schools. Based on my responses, I was informed that the best job for me would be a farmer. A law degree and a career in international finance have currently stopped me attempting that role, although my wife does want to retire to a vineyard so there's time yet. However, the process did leave me with the impression that our opportunities are largely limitless; if you turn your mind to it, you can pretty much do most jobs and there are interest and value in all of them. As a result, I have always liked working with people who don't feel confined by their job description. 

4. How do you manage work-life balance?

My family keeps me grounded; I consider myself a father and a husband first, but in our environment, it is inevitable that there are times of greater workflow where the demands of the client must be met and that sometimes means longer hours and working weekends. Whilst I love those times when the team comes together and we collectively show our talents, it is also important to recognize we all have our home lives and they help define who we are, so it must be respected. I like to have a light at the end of the tunnel; brief respites (often between tunnels) might be the time in the pool with my daughter, or a game of football, or a bike ride and longer breaks would include planning trips and holidays as we love to travel. 

5. Share a book/person that has most influenced your career or life? And why?

I have always loved reading and escaping into the world crafted by authors. As a child, I loved Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, and Spike Milligan. Now my go-to authors that I can read repeatedly are Terry Pratchett and Alexandre Dumas; Pratchett for his insightful and humorous observations of life and Dumas for his brilliant writing and historical portrayal of European, especially French, intrigue. My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo; a beautifully written adventure and love story with salutary lessons about the futility of revenge and the strength of hope (spoiler alert the films are very different to the book!). 

6. When did you join Tricor & why did you join Tricor?

I am a new joiner to Tricor and was attracted by Tricor’s vision to be greater than the sum of its parts and the emphasis on finding the best way of doing business for all of the stakeholders. We're in an increasingly competitive environment and the innovative approach being implemented resonates with my enjoyment of a challenge and working with a dynamic and focused team. The industry is not standing still and we can't afford to; with ever-changing and developing rules and requirements, the company that adapts best will survive the longest. With Tricor, we are well placed to service our clients in the best way possible and be the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, of course with an integral Caribbean footprint. 


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