Grace Jin - Associate Director in Mainland China

Sep 17, 2019

1. How do you measure success, what does success means to you?

Success can have different meanings to different people. But to me, success means trying my best to work on what I am capable of, being a trusted partner of my clients and team members. 

2. How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?

a) Communicate frequently with employees and let them know what is happening within the company. Employees appreciate being "in the loop" and will make contributions to the company’s  future success. 

b) Recognising their efforts and rewarding them. “Thank you!” and “You are doing a great job!” are the best words to recognise their efforts, these will enhance team spirit and also can build a sense of belonging among them.

3. How do you manage work life balance?

I plan my daily activities in an organised manner, I do not prefer to spend a lot of time on unwanted and unnecessary time-consuming activities. I like reading interesting books and travelling around to look at the beautiful nature, this helps me relax from my busy working schedule.

4. Share a book/person that has most influenced your career or life? And why?

My mother influenced me the most in both my career and life. She is very brave and not afraid to try new things.  She always encourages me to try my best and gives me the courage to take on the challenges that I am facing.

5. When did you join Tricor & Why did you join Tricor? 

I joined Tricor in 2007. I joined Tricor because it enriches my working experience and offers me the opportunity to develop my career.


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