Cloud-based unify | HRS Takes the Frontiers of Human Resource Systems in Asia to the Next Level

August 27, 2018

As the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC) continues to act as a magnet for organizations looking to expand their footprint on the global stage, cloud-based human resources tools are available to help them streamline and deliver innovative human resources services.Home to more than four billion people across more than 50 nations, the Asian continent with its huge population of well-educated young talent and a growing middle class of hungry consumers, is a high-potential growth source for multinational companies globally and local companies expanding regionally.

At the same time, Asia remains a complex place to do business. It is a heterogeneous region which comprises developed countries including Japan, Korea, and Singapore and developing countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. For companies expanding their business footprint from the US or Europe, the shift is more than one large geographical step, especially when it comes to the all-important payroll, and related human resources processes and systems.

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