Tricor Malaysia - Digital Signature Series - Part 2: The Differences between Digital, Electronic and Wet Ink Signatures

August 11, 2023

There are three main types of signature: digital, electronic, and wet ink. Most people recognize wet ink as the traditional process of signing a piece of physical paper using a pen, but many often mistake digital and electronic signatures as being synonymous.

Our guide draws up a comparison of these three types of signatures with regard to identity, security, tracking, evidence, and filing time. We also explore how might they facilitate (or impede) your business processes.

  • What is a wet signature?
  • What is an electronic signature?
  • What is a digital signature?
  • How does a digital signature work?

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'The Differences between Digital, Electronic and Wet Ink Signatures'
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Topics: Malaysia, Digital Transformation, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Digital Solutions, E-Signatures

Download "The Differences between Digital, Electronic and Wet Ink Signatures"

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