Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund Bill (LPF Regime)

August 19, 2020

The Hong Kong Government will introduce the long-awaited Limited Partnership Fund Bill (LPF regime) on August 31 which aims to boost the city's role as a major Asian private equity hub.

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Brochure highlights:

  1. Key features, rights and liabilities of the new LPF regime
  2. How Tricor can help your company set up and structure funds in Hong Kong SAR
  3. Tricor’s expert perspectives on the new LPF regime

As a result of the LPF regime, Hong Kong SAR is continuing its emergence as a highly competitive and practical option for Asian-based and locally-based asset managers and family offices, as well as fund managers wanting to invest in Mainland China. This allows Hong Kong SAR to compete with the Cayman Islands and Singapore while offering a closer proximity to the mainland, its investors and abundant investment opportunities.

Hong Kong SAR’s new LPF regime will also fast-track the development of its asset management industry. In order to take advantage of the tax and structuring opportunities this presents, it is important for fund managers to have an experienced local partner such as Tricor to offer valuable advice and assistance.

We look forward to supporting you under this new regulatory framework.

For more information, please download our Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund Bill (LPF Regime) brochure and contact Raymond Page at ray.page@tricoriag.com and Kian Wan at kian.wan@hk.tricorglobal.com.

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Download a complimentary Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund Bill (LPF Regime) brochure

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