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AREA Management Sdn Bhd
AREA Management Sdn Bhd


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AREA Advisors Pte Ltd (“AREA”) is a regional real estate private equity and advisory firm with a focus on industrial and educational investment opportunities. Its Malaysian Operation is AREA Management Sdn Bhd (“AMSB”) through which all Malaysian investments and activities are managed. AREA specializes in industrial and institutional real estate development and management; real estate advisory services to institutional clients; and due diligence services to institutions acquiring corporate real estate.



Tricor Services

Accounting & Financial Reporting

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Accelerating businesses growth CLIENT

Tricor has been our service provider for many years and we have a very close working relationship. They provide us with expert advice in relation to our accounts, tax, secretarial and compliance. The team at Tricor are very professional, and always able to give us clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner.



The client was experiencing difficulty staying up-to-date with their accounting obligations, and was looking for a trustworthy and responsible service provider to handle all accounting services in Malaysia.


Tricor provided tailored professional accounting services to match the client’s specific needs and helped them to ensure efficiency and stability during the process, as well as to avoid major financial issues and challenges.


The client was able to focus on its core business activities while Tricor took excellent care of its accounts, tax, secretarial and compliance functions.

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