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Why Indonesia?

As Southeast Asia's largest economy and the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia is quickly becoming a favourite destination for business leaders looking to expand in the region. Besides its steady rate of over 5% GDP growth, Indonesia's pro-business government has made great strides in its commitment to improving governance and infrastructure throughout the country – it jumped 19 places in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business ranking in 2018.

The last several years have brought a significant boom to the Indonesian economy, placing it among the top investment climates in Southeast Asia. A large domestic market of growing middle-class consumers, highly competitive labor costs and an established export-oriented manufacturing sector make Indonesia an attractive choice for investors looking to expand their operations.

Indonesia’s leaders continue to take steps to expedite foreign direct investment (FDI) reforms, cut red-tape for prospective foreign investors and improve the county’s infrastructure.

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest suppliers of rubber, coffee, cocoa, and palm oil.

The industries attracting the most FDI:

  • Electronics
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles, apparels and footwear
  • Mining and oil & gas
  • Plantations

Reasons to do business in Indonesia include:

  • Population exceeding 260 million people
  • Fast-growing middle class
  • Favourable demographics
  • Strong economic outlook
  • Steadily improving business environment
  • Expanding infrastructure
  • Diverse industry opportunities
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Doing Business in Indonesia

As in most countries, Indonesia has its own unique business and cultural traits that shape a company’s experience in the country. To make business expansion easier, it is important to utilise a qualified local consultant to help you navigate through the many Indonesian taxation and regulatory requirements:

  • Corporate & personal income tax considerations
  • Foreign investments requirements and limitations
  • Understanding the Company Law and the many licensing requirements
  • Tax and customs guidelines
  • Manpower regulation compliance
  • Work visa policies

Planning to set up or further expand in Indonesia? Download our Indonesia business expansion guide to learn more.

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How Tricor can help in Indonesia

Tricor Indonesia, established in 2009, traces its roots to the 2002 reorganisation of a prominent Indonesian accounting firm established in 1957.

We have extensive experience assisting foreign companies to establish operations in Indonesia in a tax efficient manner and to develop a business plan compatible with the local business and cultural environment. 

In addition, Tricor Indonesia provides services in company secretarial, accounting, payroll and personal and corporate tax compliance administration, as well as merger, acquisition, restructuring and divestiture planning and advice.

Tricor is well positioned to unlock the potential of your business in Indonesia and across Asia, helping your company stay one step ahead of today’s diverse and fast evolving regulatory environment.

As the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, Tricor provides the building blocks for, and catalyses every stage of your business growth.

We provide efficient, effective outsourcing and professional advisory services to a wide range of Indonesian companies.

We provide our clients with strong expertise and knowledge of local and international financial and tax business planning and strategies, as well as Indonesian accounting and tax requirements.

Whether you are looking to set up shop or streamline and expand your current operations, Tricor Indonesia can help.

For more details, please download our company profile.

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