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Customer profile:

Sanctum is an Indian wealth
management firm which has
acquired RBS India’s Private
Banking business. It helps clients
realise their financial goals and
secure their legacy for themselves
and their future generations. With
end-to-end wealth management
solutions for High Net Worth
Individuals (HNIs), it aspires to be
the most trusted Indian Wealth
Advisor for their clients and



Customer since:


Sanctum Wealth Management and Tricor

Tailor-made solutions for every business

“Tricor has been a valued partner of Sanctum for more than two years, very effectively supporting our company secretarial activities throughout this time. In a recent initiative worth mentioning, Tricor team went out of their way to help us achieve extremely tight timelines amidst considerably complexity, thereby ensuring a favourable outcome for the firm. It was a stellar example of teamwork and customer-centricity”


Chief Operating Officer


A Wealth Management Company took over business from another company. Client was looking for solutions to meet its secretarial-compliance requirements, such as appointment of directors, conducting meetings, studying & implementing terms and timelines of the shareholders agreements.

Tricor Service:


Company Secretarial team from Tricor meticulously planned, monitored and executed compliance solutions by liaising with the investors while also taking cognizance of the shareholder’s agreement and exchange regulations.


The client was able to successfully navigate the complexity of compliance under extremely tight deadlines.

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