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QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd, an investment holding company, operates a chain of quick-service restaurants. The company operated approximately 750 KFC restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Cambodia; and approximately 370 Pizza Hut outlets in Malaysia and 75 Pizza Hut outlets in Singapore. The Company also engages in breeding, hatching, contract farming, processing, and sale of chicken and chicken parts; and poultry products.



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Centralized Payroll Processing, Leave and Attendance Tracking, Appraisals and Time Management

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QSR Brands and Tricor

Simplifying the complexities of payroll and driving business results

“We have been partners with Orisoft, a company acquired by Tricor, for over a decade. With Orisoft’s robust, cloud-based, automated HR solution, we are empowered to make insight-driven business decisions and to focus on our core business activities. This all-in-one solution gives us the confidence that our employees are paid correctly, on time, and in strict compliance with government regulations.”


Pn. Asmimy Binti Abu Bakar


QSR Brands was administering payroll to over 35,000 staff across more than 600 locations in Malaysia. This huge employee base required a segregated group to process payroll from various its different locations. There were also high turnover rates of staff due to many part-timers.

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Implementation of a centralized payroll processing system for all 35,000 employees significantly sped up processing times. Automation in areas such as employee status improved overall efficiency by reducing time spent on administrative functions. Custom appraisals, training and time management solutions aided employee retention.

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