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Jan 10, 2020

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(Feb 2, 2020) Singapore Business Review

Singapore is expected to attract more FDIs, according to Tricor Group CEO, Lennard Yong. Even though its economy is being dragged by the manufacturing sector, its attractiveness for multinationals is not expected to falter for 2020. The country is also looking to strengthen new technology sectors such as biomedical manufacturing. In an interview with Singapore Business Review, Tricor Group CEO Lennard Yong spoke about the investment hotspots driving economic growth and key strategies for luring investors.

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(2020年2月2日)Singapore Business Review

卓佳集团行政总裁杨斌官先生表示,新加坡有望吸引更多的外国直接投资。尽管新加坡的经济受到了制造业的拖累,但预计2020年其对跨国公司的吸引力并不会减弱。新加坡也正在寻求加强生物医学制造业等新技术领域。卓佳集团行政总裁杨斌官先生在接受《Singapore Business Review》的采访时,讲述了推动经济增长的投资热点以及吸引投资者的关键策略。


HKB-article  hkb

(Jan, 2020) Hong Kong Business Annual 2020

Various analysts and professionals have stated mixed projections on what the region's economy will be like in 2020. Despite the economic headwinds in Hong Kong as outlined by the government, Hong Kong remains an important conduit for Mainland Chinese corporations to access internal capital markets and for international business expansion.

Lennard Yong, Group CEO of Tricor, explains Tricor’s IPO track record from the mainland and what is expected in the year ahead.

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Joe - Sing Tao (Jan 15)  Joe - HKET (Jan 15)  Joe - Sing Tao & HKET

(Jan 15, 2020) Sing Tao Daily & Hong Kong Economic Times

Tricor Hong Kong participated at the “Investing in HKU Business School’s Global Talents – Empower & Match” Job Fair organised by The Hong Kong University, Faculty of Business and Economics at the JW Marriott Hotel.

Our CEO of Tricor Hong Kong, Joe Wan, was invited by Sing Tao Daily and Hong Kong Economic Times, to shared with Millennial on the job interviews tips from a CEO & HR perspective. At Tricor, employees are our greatest asset, and we believe that with the join of the new generations, Tricor will continue to be the Employer of Choice!

"Students from Hong Kong are familiar with both Chinese and Western cultures, which is their biggest competitive advantage, helping them to stand out from the crowd."

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 (9 Jan, 2019) FM Magazine

Group Chief Operating Officer & Group Chief Financial Officer, Wendy Wang and Hong Kong Transformation Director, Eric Cheung were interviewed by FM Magazine to share their views on how to verify vendor claims and manage RPA deployment. They provided advice on how companies can efficiently implement RPA. Wendy and Eric shared practical tips and detailed planning advice for the different stages of the RPA deployment, from vendor selection to implementation.

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(2019年1月9日)FM Magazine

在FM Magazine的采访中,集团财务及营运总裁王辉女士和香港转型总监张大为先生,就如何验证供应商的索赔和管理实施机器人流程自动化分享了他们的观点。他们提供了如何让公司有效实施机器人流程自动化的建议,以及针对不同阶段(从供应商选择到实施)的实用技巧和详细的计划指导。


(Jan 9, 2020) Money FM 89.3

Group CFO & COO, Wendy Wang, shared her success story and analyzed the development of the Greater Bay Area (GBA). She expressed that the GBA has huge potential with outstanding GDP growth during a recent radio interview with Metro Finance for the GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2019.  As Asia’s leading business expansion specialist, Tricor provides professional guidance and support for companies interested in expanding their businesses across the region.

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(2020年1月9日)[Money FM 89.3]

集团财务及营运总裁王辉女士分享了她的成功故事,并分析了大湾区的未来发展。 在最近新城财经台关于2019年大湾区杰出女企业家奖的采访中,她表示大湾区的GDP增长迅速,蕴藏着巨大的发展潜力。作为亚洲领先的业务拓展专家,卓佳为有志于在大湾区扩展业务的公司提供专业指导及支持。


(Dec 31, 2019) FutureCIO

During a recent interview with FutureCIO, Tricor Group Transformation Director, Tim Hurman shared his practical tips for deploying Robotic Processing Automation (RPA). Tim Hurman stressed the importance of inviting vendors to respond to an RFP. He also recommended having an RPA process to aggregate all critical information from vendors.

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在最近FutureCIO的采访中,卓佳集团转型总监Tim Hurman分享了他部署机器人流程自动化的实用技巧。Tim Hurman强调邀请供应商回应招标书的重要性。 他还建议使用机器人流程自动化来汇集供应商的所有关键信息。


Money Monday-compressed_Page_3Joe - MingPao Money Monday

(Dec 30, 2019) MingPao Money Monday

Hong Kong’s capital market has a world leading position and is expected to be maintained. With the continual improvement of regulations in the stock market, we are optimistic about the Hong Kong IPO market in the next decade.

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(2019年12月30日)[明報Money Monday]



(Dec 30, 2019) FutureCFO

The finance function needs to evolve to a strategic, analytical, data-driven powerhouse that embraces digitisation and drives performance, thereby adding value throughout the business. FutureCFO spoke to our Wendy Wang about her dual CFO-COO role at Tricor Group, how the work of all departments are becoming interrelated, and how copmpanies must encourage lifelong learning and reskilling to keep up. Wendy Wang also comments on the fact that there still appears to be a considerable gender divide in the digital economy, despite more women taking on more senior roles. She shares her advice to women aspiring for greater roles and responsibilities in the executive suite.

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(Dec 27, 2019) Hong Kong Economic Journal

Managing Director of Trust Services for Tricor in Hong Kong, Michael Shue and Group Director of Business Development for Trust & Corporate Services, Karen Cheung shared with Hong Kong Economic Journal their analysis on the market situation of the Asia Pacific and Hong Kong markets. They shared their perspectives on the financial and business benefits of setting up trusts across the region.

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20191227_Mingpao 1 20191227_Mingpao 2 Mingpao

(Dec 27, 2019) Mingpao

Tricor has expanded its Trust Services to service the heightened demand in trusts across the GBA region. Managing Director of Trust Services Michael Shue, and Group Director of Business Development for Trust & Corporate Services, Karen Cheung, shared with Mingpao the unique advantages and differentiated value of Tricor’s trust services, the trend and interest of sustainable trusts, and Tricor’s extensive expertise with servicing the needs of Chinese clients.

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(Dec 27, 2019) Money FM 89.3

Tricor Group CEO, Lennard Yong was interviewed by the Money FM 89.3 in Singapore alongside Tay Hwee Ling, Deloitte Partner in Southeast Asia. They shared their perspectives on how the 2019 IPO activities compared with previous years, the top trends of IPO activity, and what Singapore needs to do to attract more listings.

Lennard explained the changes in investors’ valuations and expectations on listing with respect to the economic development of the world in 2019 and shared his optimistic outlook on IPO market trends in 2020.

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(2019年12月27日)[Money FM 89.3]

卓佳集团行政总裁杨斌官先生与德勤东南亚合伙人Tay Hwee Ling在新加坡接受了Money FM 89.3的采访。 他们对比了往年与2019年的IPO活动,对IPO活动的主要趋势以及新加坡该如何吸引更多上市公司发表了见解。



Sing Tao Daily printed _1205 Tricor-Perpectives-Social-Banner-Lennard-Sing-Tao-Daily (10Dec19)

(Dec 5, 2019) Sing Tao Daily

In light of the US-China trade war, the PRC government is deepening its domestic market’s opening-up progress and increasing market freedom to improve the competitive edge of its economic areas like the Greater Bay Area and Yangtze River Delta area. Lennard Yong, Group CEO of Tricor Group, shared with Sing Tao Daily that under the sluggish global economy, it’s true that some countries and areas are experiencing a downward trend in FDI inflow. However, the FDI inflow into China is still tracking net growth with a growing trend.

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鉴于中美贸易战,中国政府正在深化国内市场开放进程,增加市场自由度,以提高大湾区和长三角地区等经济区域的竞争优势。卓佳集团行政总裁 杨斌官先生在接受《星岛日报》采访时表示,在全球经济低迷的情况下,确实有些国家和地区的FDI流入呈下降趋势。然而,流入中国的FDI仍然保持着净增长的趋势。


Tim - recruit IT-1


(Nov 5, 2019) Recruit IT

Tim Hurman, Group Transformation Director of Tricor Group, shares with Recruit IT digital transformation tips and insights for the finance industry.  Digital transformation is changing the face of the finance industry. Online payments, virtual banking, and virtual insurance are disrupting this once-traditional sector, enabled by mobile, artificial intelligence and data analytics. This diversity of technologies can make it challenging for senior management to decide where to invest.

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futurecfo-1Wendy Wang-20190830_updated

(Aug 29, 2019) Beyond balance sheets: Top three trends transforming the CFO role in 2020

Wendy Wang, Group Chief Financial Officer & Group Chief Operating Officer of Tricor, shares on FutureCFO her predictions for CFO’s evolving role in 2020 as a trusted consultant who leverages technology, data and a global viewpoint to deliver key business insights beyond financial figures:

“Once upon a time, the CFO was charged with focusing purely on the bottom line. In a world increasingly guided by disruption and technology, CFOs are now in both the hot seat and the driver’s seat for redefining the role they play in a company. My prediction for 2020 is that CFOs will embrace an evolving, technology-centric role, facilitated by data-driven insights for future-proofing of the business and a better understanding of global trade and regulatory dynamics.”

(2019年8月29日) [FutureCFO:2020年將改變財務總監角色的三大趨勢 – 卓佳集團財務及營運總監Wendy Wang]

卓佳集團財務及營運總監Wendy Wang在《FutureCFO》發表文章,分享對財務總監的未來角色轉變的看法:


Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.

Peter Lam - Tricor Perspectives coveragePeter Lam - Tricor Perspectives

(Aug 27, 2019) [FutureCIO: Qualities becoming of a standout CIO – Peter Lam, Group Chief Information Officer]

In an interview titled "Qualities becoming of a standout CIO", Tricor's Group CIO Peter Lam talked to FutureCIO's Allan Tan on his experience working for Tricor and tips as a successful CIO:

"It is important that as CIO, I understand the requirements and pain points of our customers because we exist to serve our customers – internal and external. We are here to support the business. Our customers’ environments are changing, and IT must do the same. This could mean being in the markets where they are, deploying technologies, complying with local regulations and best practices critical to growing in those markets."

(2019年8月27日)[FutureCIO: 成為傑出的資訊科技總監 – 卓佳集團資訊科技總監林豪]

卓佳的資訊科技總監林豪在一篇名為「成為傑出的資訊科技總監 」的採訪中,與FutureCIO編輯Allan Tan分享他在卓佳的工作經歷,以及成為一位優秀資訊科技總監的秘訣:


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China Business Journal - Lennard updateLennard banner_20190830

(Aug 24, 2019) [China Business Journal: Market Optimism Grows with Favourable Government Policies – Lennard Yong, Group CEO]

At Tricor’s media roundtable in Shanghai in August, Group CEO Lennard Yong, explained the key factors driving China’s growth to China Business Journal, a leading business newspaper in China:

"It is no longer China’s affordable labour cost which attracts foreign investments the most, but rather its rising education level and consumption power.

According to the World Investment Report 2019 published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the FDI inflow and outflow in China have been steadily growing despite a global decline, denoting a vibrant business and trade environment in China."

(2019年8月24日)[中國經營報: 樂觀來自於利好政策– 卓佳集團行政總裁楊斌官]



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Foster Intrapreneurship to Sustain Growth (Yeap and Sharon)Sharon and Yeap Double Banner

(Aug 2019) [Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management: Foster Intrapreneurship to Sustain Growth – Yeap Kok Leong, CEO & Managing Director, Tricor Malaysia, and Sharon Cheng, Group Chief People Officer]

Tricor has been recently featured on Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management’s HR Service Providers Directory 2019. Yeap Kok Leong, CEO & Managing Director, Tricor Malaysia, and Sharon Cheng, Group Chief People Officer, shared five tips to help companies of any size by unleashing the “intrapreneurs” on their staff to stimulate growth in the long term:

“Companies of all sizes can protect themselves against growth stagnation by fostering a culture of “intrapreneurship”, empowering employees to act like entrepreneurs for the benefit of the company. Creating this environment can be challenging, but the benefit is clear: intrapreneurship helps even the most successful organization to remain competitive long after it has achieved profitability.”

(2019年8月)[香港人力資源管理學會: 促進內部創業以維持增長 – 卓佳集團馬來西亞區行政總裁及董事總經理葉國亮和卓佳集團人力資源總監鄭趣趣]

卓佳灼見「促進內部創業以維持增長」獲香港人力資源管理學會的《2019年人力資源服務機構目錄》刊載,由卓佳集團馬來西亞區行政總裁及董事總經理葉國亮和卓佳集團人力資源總監鄭趣趣分享有關推動「內部創業」的五大要點,以刺激企業的長遠增長: 「不同規模的企業可透過促進『內部創業』文化,以免增長停滯,鼓勵員工充當企業家一樣,根據企業的最大利益出發。創造『內部創業』文化可能具有一定難度,但好處顯而易見:讓企業成功在實現高盈利後仍繼續維持優秀的競爭力。」

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.

hrdigitaltrendsPeter Tim - social media blurb

(Aug 13, 2019) [HR&DigitalTrends: Professional Services Still Need Talent to Drive Intelligence, Automation – Peter Lam, Group Chief Information Officer, and Tim Hurman, Group Transformation Director]

Peter Lam, Group Chief Information Officer, and Tim Hurman, Group Transformation Director, shared their insights on HR&DigitalTrends on the effect of technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent optical character recognition (iOCR) and data analytics on the future of professional services industry – and how nurturing talent remains central in the age of digital transformation and for Tricor in particular:

“Technology, while important for streamlining and improving business processes, is only a tool for putting a company’s innovative mindset into action. Therefore, a professional service company’s digital strategy should prioritize building talent, enhancing processes and fostering innovative culture. With the right talent and culture in place, companies can then use the technology to offer clients an enhanced, digitalized customer experience with meaningful results.”

(2019年8月13日)[HR&DigitalTrends: 以人才推動科技應用 – 卓佳集團資訊科技總監林豪和集團創新總監Tim Hurman]

卓佳集團資訊科技總監林豪和集團創新總監Tim Hurman於HR&DigitalTrends分享了他們對機器人實現自動化運作(RPA)、人工智能(AI)、智能光學字元辨識(iOCR)和數據分析等科技如何讓專業服務行業受惠,以及指出在數碼轉型下,培育人才如何始終是對卓佳這類專業服務企業的重要關鍵: 「科技雖能簡化和改善業務過程,但只是將公司的創新意念付諸實踐的工具。然而,一所專業服務企業的數碼策略應先著重發展人才、強化業務過程和鼓勵創新。透過結合人才和企業文化的優勢,企業可透過一系列科技元素為客戶提供更高質素的數碼體驗。」

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.


ShanghaidailyHailiang banner - SH daily

(Aug 7, 2019) [Interview with Shanghai Daily – Hailiang Zhang]

In the Shanghai Daily article “Full Steam Ahead for China” published following our recent media roundtable in Shanghai, Hailiang Zhang, Deputy CEO of the Tricor Group in Mainland China, explains the key factors accelerating Tricor’s growing success in Mainland China:

“As the world’s second-largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), China continues to be one of the world’s leading FDI markets for the financial services, information technology and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. Meanwhile, the Belt and Road and Greater Bay Area initiatives are paving the way for companies to enjoy long-term, structural growth in Asia, and our unique roots as an Asian company give us a competitive advantage in this dynamic and complex market.”

(2019年8月7日) [上海日報 – 卓佳集團中國區副行政總裁張海亮]


「中國作為全球第二大外國直接投資(FDI)的接收國,繼續成為世界領先的金融服務、資訊科技和快速消費品等行業的外國直接投資市場之一。 與此同時,『一帶一路』和『大灣區』計劃為企業在亞洲實現長期結構性增長鋪路,而卓佳集團植根且深耕亞洲,亦使我們在這個充滿動力和複雜的市場中先拔頭籌。」

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Lennard - shanghai social media blurb - coverageLennard - shanghai social media blurb

(Aug 6, 2019) [Interview with International Financial News / People's Daily – Group CEO, Lennard Yong]

At our recent media roundtable in Shanghai, Lennard Yong, Group CEO, shared with International Financial News, a publication founded by People’s Daily, on accelerating our growth which has been fuelled by Government initiatives and Tricor’s synergistic plans across our operations in Greater China:

“With development initiatives such as Belt and Road and Greater Bay Area, many Chinese enterprises are expanding overseas and foreign companies are deepening their reach in China. Our mission is to help these companies achieve cross-border synergy when going global, and minimize the impact of legal and regulatory complexities. Through strategic acquisitions and forward-thinking partnerships, we are building a network that infuses Tricor’s global expansion expertise with local capabilities for our clients looking to expand and scale from incorporation to IPO across Greater China and beyond.”

(2019年8月6日) [國際金融報– 卓佳集團行政總裁楊斌官]



Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.


(Aug 2, 2019) [Interviews with Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily, AAStocks – CEO of Tricor Hong Kong Joe Wan]

Tricor announces collaboration with BOCI to expand Employee Share Ownership Plan in China’s Greater Bay Area and Yangtze River Delta Economic Region 

Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong, shares his insights on the collaboration with BOCI in expanding ESOP with various media outlets:

“The region is buzzing as companies launch plans to expand in the GBA. Our collaboration with BOCI will certainly help our clients expand their operations in this fast-growing market by allowing them to better manage their ESOP solutions. It’s always a win-win when two market leaders join forces for the greater good of their clients. I look forward to working with BOCI as we explore new ways to enhance our combined service offering in the strategic Greater Bay Area and elsewhere in China.”

 (2019年8月2日) [信報財經新聞、 香港經濟日報、明報、星島日報、頭條日報、阿思達克財經網等多家傳媒訪問 – 卓佳香港行政總裁溫佩麟]




Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to these links on Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Times, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, Headline Daily, AAStocks to view the interviews in full.

Sunshine - Marketing Magazine_20190730

(Jul 24, 2019) [Marketing Magazine – Group Head of Marketing and Communications Sunshine Farzan] Seven ways to align your strategies with the millennial mindset 

Sunshine Farzan, Group Head of Marketing & Communications, shares with Marketing Magazine Group how to align B2B marketing strategies with the millennial mindset. These digital natives are redefining the business landscape and are set to dominate the global workforce by 2020. As millennials climb the ranks to fill senior decision-making roles, brands can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the largest generation of buyers in history.  

(2019年7月24日) [Marketing Magazine – 卓佳集團市場及傳訊部總監范陽光] 七種方法讓千禧一代的新思維融入市場策略

卓佳集團市場及傳訊部總監范陽光與《Marketing Magazine》分享如何將B2B營銷策略與千禧一代的新思維互相結合。Digital Native(數位原生)的新一代正在改變現時商業格局,並將在2020年開始主導全球勞動力。隨著這一代新力軍步步晉升並充當決策角色並成為舉足興重的消費者,而且數量是歷來最多,品牌絕不能錯失彼此合作的好時機。 

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.


(Jul 19, 2019) [China Business Law Journal – Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Judy Wong]

Following our recent acquisition of Richful Deyong in May 2019 to expand our presence in Mainland China, Tricor’s Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Judy Wong was invited by Asia Business Law Journal published by Vantage Asia to share her insights on the prerequisites for success as an experienced in-house legal and compliance counsel:

"The group legal function at Tricor is comparatively new. As an in-house counsel, I believe in understanding the entire business of the company and its needs, to tailor specifically for the company and help it grow further. Legal and compliance should work hand-in-hand together, so that we can have better oversight and ensure that we comply with regulatory and legal requirements. For the legal industry at large, if we stop seeing people as men or women then we can stop these layers of discrimination - everyone strives to work hard, to improve, to move up and to exceed themselves."

(2019年7月19日) [商法月刊 – 卓佳集團法律總顧問兼合規事務總監黃德君]



Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.

Wendy Wang - Financier Magazine


(Jul 15, 2019) [Financier Worldwide Magazine – Tricor Group CFO & COO Wendy Wang] Evolving Role of the CFO

Many would agree that CFOs thrive on numbers, prudence and rationality. I would add in ‘grit’ and ‘mastery of technology’. The latter helps CFOs to understand the underlying issues, trends and opportunities behind the numbers as well as their impact on the company’s business, in terms of business growth, new product development, operations, and investment needs. Meanwhile, there is no shortcut as a CFO. CFOs need to keep up the effort and make great things happen – which takes grit.

(2019年7月15日) [Financier Worldwide雜誌 – 卓佳集團財務及營運總監 Wendy Wang] 財務總監的角色轉變

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.

Lennards commentary on China Daily_20190621_for website update

(Jun 21, 2019) [China Daily Hong Kong – Tricor Group CEO Lennard Yong] Bay Area Accelerates Technology Advancement

The trade dispute will have the inadvertent effect of ensuring China and the Bay Area to be more independent and self-reliant, which will further connect the cities and regions within the Bay Area and decouple and reduce the reliance on traditional partners,

(2019年6月21日)【中國日報香港版 – 卓佳集團行政總裁楊斌官】 大灣區發展加速科技增長


Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.

20190612_Aligning talent management with a transparent, diversified and innovation - Joe & Glenda_CROPPED

(Jun 12, 2019) [Classified Post – Joe Wan, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong & Glenda Liu, Head of Human Resources, Hong Kong] Aligning talent management with a transparent, diversified and innovative mindset

People’s views and values are shifting. Companies need to relinquish their old modes of employee engagement, and to channel and benefit from what makes millennials great: an incredible ability to innovate and use technology to make the world a better place.

(2019年6月12日)【Classified Post – 卓佳集團香港行政總裁溫佩麟及人力資源主管廖詠梅】 讓人才管理更為透明、多元和創新


Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.

Judy coverage

(Jun 11, 2019) [China Business Law Journal – Judy Wong, Group General Counsel] Tricor enhances China outbound services with Richful Deyong acquisition

Traversing the cross-border nature of the deal, with inherent conceptual differences between the PRC and common law legal systems affecting contractual interpretation and construction, presented its own unique challenge. Having completed the biggest and most legally complex acquisition of Richful Deyong in the almost 20 years of Tricor’s history, we have successfully expanded our Mainland China presence from five cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu) to an additional eight (Tianjin, Xiamen, Dalian, Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou and Ningbo).

(2019年6月11日) [商法月刊 – 卓佳集團法律總顧問兼合規事務總監黃德君] 卓佳收購瑞豐德永加速發展中國對外業務


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chloe coverage

(Jun 3, 2019) [Consultancy Asia – Head of Merger and Acquisition Chloe Chan] Head of Merger and Acquisition Chloe Chan discusses Tricor's largest acquisition to date

Chloe Chan, Tricor’s Head of Merger and Acquisition, was featured on Consultancy Asia, Asia’s leading English-language trade magazine to share her experience working on Tricor’s largest acquisition deal in company history of Richful Deyong, her insights on getting deals done, plus her secret to achieve early success in her career:

“Getting the best of both worlds – and for both worlds – is very important in staying one step ahead of not just your M&A counterpart, but also ahead of market conditions. Understanding the growth drivers of the company – and how these drivers may change and interact with each other in the future and with the external market and regulatory environment can allow us to identify and develop plans to mitigate any hidden risks in the business.”

(2019年6月3日)【Consultancy Asia –卓佳集團併購總監陳靄妍】 卓佳集團併購總監陳靄妍介紹卓佳集團成立以來規模最大的收購計劃


要在併購交易領先對手、以至領先於市場,必須以雙方立場為重、整合彼此優勢。充份了解雙方企業的增長原動力, 以至未來變數及與外部市場和監管環境的相互影響,有助識別趨勢和製訂周詳計劃,從而減輕任何業務中隱藏風險的影響

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.

HRM Asia

(May 20, 2019) [HRM Asia – Tricor Group People Officer Sharon Cheng] Asian employers can’t ignore the importance of an agile culture

In this byline article, Sharon Cheng, Group Chief People Officer of Tricor Group, commented:

"Agility has to come first for a thriving workplace culture which emphasizes integrity, care and collaboration. With an open mind for diversity and health appetite for technology, an agile workplace culture will not only benefit the employees, but also business sustainability and talent retention in the long run."

(2019年5月30日)【HRM Asia –卓佳集團人力資源總監鄭趣趣】 靈活的工作文化 亞洲僱主不能忽視



Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.

The Standard – Tricor and Lennard Y profile_20052019

(May 20, 2019) [The Standard – Lennard Yong] Unlikely winner in trade war

Lennard Yong, Tricor’s Group CEO, was interviewed by The Standard, a leading English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, stressing how Tricor has seized the many opportunities generated by recent trade tensions to help companies relocate factories and headquarters elsewhere. He also shared his strategies to further enhance Tricor’s one-stop-shop services to include a wide range of solutions from corporate services, IPO to insurance and wealth solutions:

“Instead of a trade war, I would describe it as a trade issue. Some corporations may need to relocate factories and headquarters, and there will be business for us whenever there is an incorporation of a company. We want to be a bridge, helping global companies set up in China and helping mainland Chinese companies expand internationally. When entrepreneurs and firms think about expanding their business into Asia, I hope that they will think of Tricor immediately."

He also shared his diverse professional experience as a thought leader in the business and financial services industry:

“Hong Kong is my home. I've been enjoying what I’ve been doing and I constantly look for change and development. Many people are afraid of change and choose to stay in their comfort zone, but life is short - you should enjoy what you do and dare to take risks.”

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link and this link  to view the interview in full.

(2019年5月20日)【英文虎報–卓佳集團行政總裁楊斌官】 貿易戰中的逆勢黑馬






















「我非常享受當下的工作,並不斷尋求變革與發展。」「生命轉瞬即逝。你要享受當下,勇於冒險,尋求變革。許多人畏懼變革,選擇待在舒適區內。」 他借此機會分享了事業上的一些建議。

Charles - Yicai

 (May 16, 2019) [Yicai TV: Market Morning Express – Group Chief Commercial Officer Charles Ferguson] Market Compass: Mainland Chinese Companies Overseas Expansion and HK IPO Market 

Tricor’s Group Chief Commercial Officer Charles Ferguson was featured on the flagship morning news program Market Morning Express of Yicai TV, a leading business channel across Greater China. Charles was invited to comment on Mainland Chinese companies’ overseas expansion trends and Hong Kong IPO market predictions based on Tricor’s extensive network of clients in Asia and beyond:

"Roughly half of Hong Kong's IPO volume comes from Mainland Chinese companies, with ever more of them choosing Hong Kong for their regional offices and headquarters – these Mainland Chinese companies made up the largest proportion in 2018 by country of origin. I don't have a crystal ball for an exact prediction, but am confident that the Hong Kong IPO market will thrive further in the second half of 2019. 

Given the rising trend of Mainland Chinese companies establishing regional headquarters in Hong Kong and the confidence of Tricor clients, we observe that the Belt and Road initiatives and Greater Bay Area plan have encouraged more companies to expand through Hong Kong. With our recent acquisition of Richful Deyong, an integrated corporate and business services provider focused on supporting Mainland Chinese companies in their international corporate activities, together we will elevate Tricor’s offerings to facilitate Chinese enterprises’ business expansion with our one-stop-shop services across 21 countries and 13 cities across Mainland China, in addition to Hong Kong and Macau."

(2019年5月16日)【第一財經: 市場早班車 – 卓佳集團商務總裁方臣漢】 市場指南針: 中國內地企業的海外拓展和香港IPO市場趨勢




Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the interview in full.


Lennard - SCMP - 20190514

(May 14, 2019) [South China Morning Post – Lennard Yong] London Metal Exchange to reboot its cross-border trading channel with Hong Kong, extend trading to Asian market hours

London Metal Exchange, the world's largest financial market place for base metal futures, plans to reboot its cross-border trading channel with Hong Kong in a three-stage approach to increase transactions during Asian market hours.

The first stage, scheduled for the end of 2019, will involve the LME’s parent Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) rolling out six US dollar-denominated contracts for aluminium, zinc, copper, lead, nickel and tin, said the London bourse’s chief executive Matthew Chamberlain. These “mini” contracts, comprising 5 tonnes of metals per contract compared with 25 tonnes in London, will use London’s pricing as reference, while they are settled in Hong Kong.

“The stock market has always been a strong and robust aspect in Hong Kong,” said Lennard Yong, group chief executive and managing director of financial consultancy firm Tricor. “With the HKEX’s plan to boost the commodities sector, the diversification of investment options in Hong Kong will lead to a strengthening of its position as the international finance centre.”

(2019年5月14日)【南華早報 – 卓佳集團行政總裁楊斌官】倫敦金屬交易所推動「倫港通」跨境交易 交易時間延至亞洲時區


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newspaper clipping

(May 2, 2019) [Ming Pao – Natalia Seng] Natalia Seng: Spearheading the Development of Company Secretarial Practice

As one of the Outstanding HK Polytechnic University Alumni 2019, Vice Chairman of Tricor Hong Kong and Offshore Natalia Seng expressed her gratitude for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and elaborated on the significance of corporate governance in this interview on Ming Pao:

“I am honoured to be one of the Outstanding HK Polytechnic University Alumni 2019. As a proud graduate of PolyU, I have been taught the significance of corporate governance and its impact on companies early on. With ever more Mainland Chinese and multi-national companies arriving in Hong Kong to get listed and having over 1.3 million active companies on the register of Companies Registry, Tricor’s one-stop-shop support from incorporation to IPO has played a significant role for almost two decades in raising the bar of corporate governance and standard of excellence to accelerate clients’ success.”

(2019年5月2日) 明報 – 沈施加美 推動公司秘書業務發展 育才貢獻社會 

自2000年初起,越來越多國企來港上市,法例規定所有上市公司的公司秘書必須擁有認可的專國企及業資格如特許秘書、律師及會計師,然而内地缺乏這方面的人才。聯交所於2005年制定條例,容許來港上市的國企及海外企業於首三年在港聘請外部聯席公司秘書。沈太看準這個機遇,帶領卓佳積極爭取與國企及海外企業合作,提供外部公司秘書及股份過戶處服務,協助企業來港上市。現時集團的全球客戶群中有超過1,300 間在香港上市的企業。卓佳協助它們收取資料,按時申報及回覆與聯交所,公司註冊處及稅務局,提供股份過戶處服務。除了協助他們上市,也提升整個企業的管治文化。


沈太非常重視人才培訓,卓佳內部制定出一套實務性人才培訓計劃,多年來為商業機構培養了不少專業特許秘書 / 公司秘書。此外,沈太也參與公職,包括為非牟利團體如聯合國兒童基金會等提供服務、出席講座宣傳反洗黑錢、出版指引等,她認為這些都是應盡的企業社會責任。


(April 29, 2019) [Sing Tao Daily – Joe Wan] Tricor Accelerates Growth with Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Insurance & Wealth Solutions capabilities

Tricor’s updates: ESOP, Insurance & Wealth Solutions

Together with a worldwide network of 40 offices, Tricor’s Hong Kong headquarters is ready to accelerate clients’ growth with the well-known company secretarial, investment, and accounting & payroll capabilities.

Apart from building out the new Insurance and Wealth Solutions business, we are keen to tailor-make sophisticated employee stock options plans (ESOP) for clients, such as the Restricted Stock Unit (RSU) plan, which helps attract talent especially for startup companies to grow together with their younger employees.

Share registry’s industry developments: building out paperless platforms 

The appointment of Catharine Wong in Hong Kong as Tricor’s Executive Director and Head of Investor Services will help facilitate discussions with Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) and Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) on regulatory issues and going paperless.

The development process together with HKEX for the electronic platforms to exchange information will take a few years. The alignment of interfaces will involve maintenance cost and further discussions with the Federation of Share Registrars.

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link, this link and this link to view the article in full.

(April 29, 2019) 星島日報 – 溫佩麟 卓佳推員工股獎勵計劃 引企業保險業務




另外,上市公司的獨立非執董均需購買「董事責任保險」,為了提供一條龍服務,卓佳已與一家人壽保險經紀公司Internationa Planning Group,以及另一產險公司簽署合作協議。至於薪酬服務,卓佳亦涉足甚深,目前客戶大至1500顧員規模,小至只有兩位。溫佩麟指,未來期望吸納更多大型客戶,尤其零售企業。

有關證券登記發展:為引入證券無紙化鋪路 互換資料平台正籌建




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(April 18, 2019) [Campaign Asia – Sunshine Farzan] Marketing’s new innovation lab: China’s Greater Bay Area

Move over San Francisco, a new Bay Area is rising. In February, the Chinese government unveiled the blueprint for its Greater Bay Area (GBA), an economic hub connecting nine mainland cities across the Pearl River Delta with Hong Kong and Macau. What does this represent for marketing? The future. The GBA promises to become an innovation and business hub, rivaling New York City and Tokyo, with the potential of eclipsing these markets in terms of GDP and innovation. Digital marketing can fuel and help shape its success, but only if practitioners integrate and innovate campaigns across all markets in the region. Now is the time to fearlessly embrace new trends, strategies and activations. What we learn and achieve in the GBA will shape our profession globally.

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.


(April 15, 2019) [CFO Innovation Interview – Wendy Wang]  Are you CFO Material?

Wendy Wang, Group Chief Financial Officer & Group Chief Operating Officer of Tricor, shared her insights with CFO Innovation on her career success story, the development of Robotics Process Automation at Tricor, and tips for working together with other C-Level execs to align Tricor’s business strategy and objectives as the leading business expansion specialist in Asia:

During my first two years at Tricor, I spent a substantial amount of time bringing up to speed Tricor’s transformation calendar. This required me to work closely with other senior executives on group strategy. We worked as a team to set up the business transformation blueprint and to drive higher financial performance through technology, work enhancement and talent empowerment.

To be a successful CFO, I believe one needs to stay hungry and keeps learning. Given that the world is changing at a much faster pace than ever before, we can’t rest on our own laurels.

CFOs have to have the ability to understand what technology means to their businesses—in terms of growth, new product development, operations, investment needs and other areas, and then work with senior executives to lay out the company strategy, blueprint for execution, and create visibility on progress.

There’s no shortcut, but we’ll see positive financial outcomes after putting in the required effort to make it happen.

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.



(April 14, 2019) [HKIBC Interview – Joe Wan] Joe Wan interviewed on All About Money by Isabel Wong

Joe Wan, Chief Executive Officer of Tricor in Hong Kong, shared his insights on the latest developments of the Hong Kong IPO market and Greater Bay Area with the leading TV channel Hong Kong International Business Channel’s Isabel Wong, as well as Tricor’s expertise as the leading business expansion specialist in Asia:

On Greater Bay Area:
The Greater Bay Area (GBA) presents a wealth of opportunities for Hong Kong as the world’s prominent IPO market and financial service center whose core values including the rule of law and efficiency of capital markets remain attractive for investments. While interest grows for companies from Hong Kong, Japan and worldwide to expand in the GBA, Tricor is ready to accelerate their business growth with unparalleled talent, one-stop-shop services and the latest technologies with Tricor as the leading business expansion specialist in Asia.

On Hong Kong’s IPO market and HKEX’s updates:
HKEX’s Charles Li is right about relaxing the regulations in the past year and laying down the three key areas in their Strategic Plan 2019-2021: “China Anchored, Globally Connected and Technologically Enabled” – Hong Kong’s regulatory framework has to be flexible enough to be successful and competitive. For Tricor, we do see more globally companies coming into Hong Kong. This helps building up the IPO pipeline, in particular from the biotechnology industry. They are more willing to come to Hong Kong, and that’s where opportunities lie.


(April 10, 2019) [Hubbis Interview – Lennard Yong] Tricor Rides Asia’s Big Wave of Economic and Corporate Expansion as Asia’s Leading Business Expansion Specialist

Lennard Yong, Group Chief Executive Officer of Tricor Group, headquartered in Hong Kong, met with Hubbis to explain how UK private equity group Permira’s acquisition of Tricor in 2017 has helped refine the firm’s focus in the region as Asia’s Leading Business Expansion Specialist. He reports that Permira and Tricor are working energetically and effectively to boost the range and volume of activity as Asia’s corporations continue their rapid regional and global expansion paths.

“What is unique about Tricor,” Yong observes, “is the opportunity to build Asia’s number one corporate solutions partner. We are closely involved in the global expansion of the Asian corporation, helping them grow around the globe. China is pivotal, as it is expanding into global services far more aggressively than they were before when they were manufacturing economy, where most of their expansion was within South China. Accordingly, today as they move into technology, biotech, financial services, and other areas we are ideally positioned to help China offshore, first into Hong Kong and then across the world.”

To reduce expansion risks and secure on-the-ground knowledge, relationships, and experience through a trusted partner is essential, Yong explains, “Opting to expand your business in Asia may seem low-cost, but rarely is due to the complexity of the region with local regulations and regulatory frameworks that can change with alarming frequency, as well as the obvious language and culture barriers.” A service provider such as Tricor can address these problems for companies, enabling them to focus on their core business growth.

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.


(April 1, 2019) [HKEJ Interview – Lennard Yong]  Tricor: Plans for a Paperless Securities Regime Drive Growth: Welcomes Regulatory Oversight and Healthy Competition

Lennard Yong, Group CEO of Tricor, believes that the paperless securities regime planned in Hong Kong will drive market transactions and benefit Tricor’s business growth. Given that close to 70% of Hong Kong companies are registered overseas, the challenges to launch a paperless securities regime are unprecedented, as the scope is even more internationalized than the global stock exchanges in London and New York.

Tricor welcomes regulatory oversight and healthy competition, as the role of a share registry to process stock certificates for Tricor requires no less attention and care than banks to safeguard savings. KYC services are expected to introduce later this year to streamline efficiency, but the priority for Tricor’s team right now is to better coordinate with respective parties to bring the paperless securities regime to completion.

As the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, Tricor is expected to have ~15% business growth this year through organic growth and strategic M&As. Having now served over 30,000 clients, including ~1,300 companies publicly listed in Hong Kong, Tricor will further deepen its reach across the ASEAN, including Indonesia and the Philippines, to deliver critical functions and help ambitious companies accelerate their growth in Asia and beyond.

201941)【信報專訪 – 卓佳集團行政總裁楊斌官】卓佳:股票無紙化刺激交投 須與註冊地法律接軌 歡迎監管毋懼競爭



過戶處角色吃重 將受證監規管






Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link and this link to view the articles in full.


(March 16, 2019) [SCMP Classified Post Byline Article – Natalia Seng]

Natalia Seng, Vice Chairman of Tricor Hong Kong and Offshore, was featured on Classified Post. She shared her perspective on simultaneously manage her role as a team leader and a working mother.

“Balancing one’s personal and professional responsibilities may not be easy, but with the help of supportive colleagues and family, it’s never impossible. Motherhood has made me who I am today.”

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.


(March 5, 2019) [Recruit Magazine – Charles Ferguson] Automation sparks an entrepreneur spirit in companies and employees

Charles Ferguson, Tricor’s Group Chief Commercial Officer, was quoted on Recruit. He shared his perspective on how automation unleashes an entrepreneurial spirit across an organization:

“Automation is changing corporate roles and responsibilities, creating new opportunities for professionals to work with greater skill and flexibility. Companies that proactively embrace this change can expect to benefit from more agility and productivity. Accountants who currently spend their time processing payments will instead be able to analyze financial data. HR professionals can design and deliver more training sessions rather than coordinate staffing rotas. By 2022, over 1 in 2 employees around the world will require significant reskilling and upskilling. Analytical thinking, creativity and innovation will become even more valued, reflecting the high potential of most roles. Automation also empowers staff to work in project-specific teams across a variety of functions. With the right tools and outlook, automation can unleash an entrepreneurial spirit across an organization, helping it to provide meaningful careers that deliver great work.”

(March 5, 2019) [Recruit Magazine – Charles Ferguson] 自動化科技激發企業與員工潛能

自動化科技正改變企業角色和責任,為專業團隊製造新機會,以更高技術彈性處理工作。能順應革新的企業,將大大提升生產力和靈活度而得以受惠。根據世界經濟論壇的數據顯示,超過1 / 3受訪企業期待自動化科技能創造更多提升生產力的新職能。例如以自動化處理付款後,會計師將有更多空檔分析財務數據;人力資源亦可騰出編制員工當值日程表的時間,策劃更多員工培訓活動。但隨著角色轉變,人力資源也需要改變。數據顯示到2022年,全球每兩名員工就有一位需要重新學習新技能,分析思維、創意和創新能力將更受重視,這也體現出企業中大部分職位其實極具潛力。自動化科技亦可讓員工變為跨職能的項目團隊成員,靈活組合團隊架構。如工具和策略運用得宜,自動化科技還可激發企業的創業精神,成就更具意義的事業及提升工作水準。

(卓佳集團業務拓展總監Charles Ferguson)

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please refer to this link to view the article in full.


(March 5, 2019) [AmCham HK Cover Story – Lennard Yong] Battle of the Business Hubs

Lennard Yong, Tricor’s Group CEO, was featured on the cover of AmChamHK, Magazine of The American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. The cover story recounted Lennard’s insights on the panel, The Battle of the Business Hubs in Asia, at the AmCham APCAC Business Summit 2019.

“I look at five attributes when assessing the suitability of any place for business: transportation and infrastructure, environmental regulations, rule of law, government support and talent supply. There are many factors out of a CEO’s control, but human talent is one you can control. Whoever wins the battle for talent in the services sector will determine the eventual winners and losers of hubs.”

Above: Excerpt from the article. Please revisit some of Tricor’s exclusive insights here and read the article here.

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