Success Story: Rinnai Hong Kong Limited

Rinnai Hong Kong Limited
Rinnai Hong Kong Limited



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Rinnai Corporation is a company based in Nagoya, Japan, that manufactures gas appliances, including energy efficient tankless water heaters, home heating appliances, and boilers.


Hong Kong SAR

Tricor Services

Company Secretarial, Accounting

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Professional and reliable corporate and business services

Tricor is reliable and responsive. We trust Tricor and appreciate their support as always!

General Manager


The client’s management and finance teams were located in Japan and required a trustworthy service provider to prepare Company’s financial statements to ensure full compliance with local rules and regulations.


Tricor’s team had a clear understanding of the nature of transactions and specific operations of the company. Tricor’s team compiled the monthly management accounts and group reporting package in accordance with the applicable accounting standards, as well as the client’s specific format


The Hong Kong office was able to complete the annual audit and submit the reporting package to headquarters for consolidation on timely basis as well as in compliance with the local GAAP and met the group reporting requirements. Tricor provided the client with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core business and operations.

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