Success Story: Proman Holding (Barbados) Ltd.

Proman Holding (Barbados) Ltd.
Proman Holding (Barbados) Ltd.



Customer Profile

Proman is a multi-asset, multiregional, diversified energy producer with methanol & fertilizer production assets in the US, Trinidad and Oman and expansion underway in Mexico. Proman’s service businesses include petrochemical plant operations, petrochemical and power plant construction, product marketing and logistics, and project management.



Tricor Services

Corporate Services

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Streamlining business workflows

We have had a tremendous experience with Tricor over more than a decade. They have been a reliable and efficient partner and we can highly recommend their advice and service.

Chief Executive Officer


Rapid growth necessitated a reorganization of the client’s global petrochemical operations. It required a sustainable but flexible jurisdictional platform to support further expansion which offered operational agility.


Implementation and maintenance of the region-specific full-serviced corporate sub-structure for major assets.


Leveraging Tricor’s business support resources provided an incubatory solution permitting time to assess and build in-house human resource capacity without delaying commercialisation of operations.

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