Success Story: The Institute of Internal Auditors Hong Kong

The Institute of Internal Auditors Hong Kong
The Institute of Internal Auditors Hong Kong


Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs)

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The Institute of Internal Auditors is an international internal audit profession association founded in 1941.


Hong Kong SAR

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Company Secretarial, Accounting & Administrative

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Smooth administrative handover

We really appreciate Tricor’s professional services and looking forward to working closely successively.



The client’s accounting and administrative functions involved heavy manpower as it relied on manual processes. This meant a significant amount of time was needed for accounting reporting and administrative processes.


Tricor deployed a team of professionals to review the client’s existing processes and re-design them using a more systematic and efficient approach. Tricor streamlined the accounting and administrative functions and conducted ongoing reviews to continually improve the systems and to ensure efficient and timely reporting and processing.


The whole administrative process was improved. The client now enjoys proper control over its documentation and is able to handle accounting reporting and audit processes accurately and on time.

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