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HZS is a multi-disciplinary design firm striving to provide “integrated” services of planning, architecture and landscape design to its clients to ensures that all design can be perfectly constructed. HZS has about 900 employees worldwide and its projects all over the world embrace retail, residential, civic building, culture, resort & hotel. The global experience of the HZS partnership combined with the strong technical knowledge gained from over 200 international projects contribute significantly to its ability to realize its core mission in design field.


Mainland China

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We are giving Tricor Richful Deyong a five-star review! Tricor Richful Deyong has provided professional business and corporate advisory and support effectively and efficiently, which has highly exceeded our expectations.

Financial Controller


HZS was in need of an experienced business and corporate services partner to provide guidance and support with respect to their accounting and auditing issues in Mainland China.


Tricor Richful Deyong team provided HZS with timely auditing services and constructive strategic advice.


With Tricor Richful Deyong ensuring strict compliance with local legal requirements, the client was able to focus its time and efforts on its core operations.

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