Success Story: Fuzhou Light Industry Import & Export Co., LTD

Fuzhou Light Industry Import & Export Co., LTD
Fuzhou Light Industry Import & Export Co., LTD


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Fujian Light Industry Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a holding company of the listed company of Fujian Sanmu Group Co., Ltd. (SZ:000632). A comprehensive enterprise group with import and export trade as its main business, and trading partners located in more than 100 countries and regions. The Group's total import and export of foreign trade has ranked first in Fuzhou and Fujian Province in the past years.


United States

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Overseas substantive services including company secretarial and advisory services, tax

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Over the past 6 years, the consulting team from Tricor Richful Deyong, has demonstrated professional and excellent service quality to us time and time again during our partnership, proving that they are truly “At Your Service”.

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Fuzhou Light Industry Import & Export wanted to make good use of Hong Kong’sfree trade port to facilitate its trade operations, enhance its international competitiveness and reduce its financing costs.


Tricor Richful Deyong provided overseas substantive services to Fuzhou Light Industry, including overseas company registration and providing advisory services.


The Tricor Richful Deyong team provided effective and efficient local accounting and tax support, and proved its professionalism. Satisfied with RFDY’sexceptional service and high quality solutions, Fuzhou Light Industry extended the scope of work to handle all tax related and structuring matters for its of overseas properties, so it could focus on its core businesses.

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