Success Story: CETS Investment Management (HK) Co.,

CETS Investment Management (HK) Co.,
CETS Investment Management (HK) Co.,


Energy Development

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It is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd. Its parent company is mainly engaged in offshore oil exploration, production, sales, oil and gas processing, refining, LNG and other services to provide technology, equipment, human resources, logistics, communications, logistics, comprehensive, sys tematic support and services


Mainland China

Tricor Services

Good and Services Tax (GST), Sales and Services Tax (SST), Accounting, Tax Reporting

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Enabling business transformation

Tricor Richful Deyong has demonstrated exceptional professionalism while handling all of our audit and compliance related matters. As a state owned enterprise, risk control requirements are very strict. We are extremely satisfied with the professional services that Tricor Richful Deyong has consistently provided us with over these past 2 years.

CNOOC Development Overseas Financial Sharing Center


CETS Investment Management required support with accounting and tax reporting. As a state-owned enterprise, compliance and risk control was a very high priority.


Tricor Richful Deyong provided auditing and tax reporting services for our overseas operations and international business entities.


Employing Tricor Richful Deyong’s auditing and tax reporting services allowed CETS Investment Management to maintain efficient operations in accordance with strict compliance standards.

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