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Why United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the preferred destinations for regional hubs and global headquarters. The country’s pro-business regulatory environment, educated and productive workforce, excellent institutions and international setting all contribute to its appeal as an investment destination for businesses. High living standards and a rich culture continue to attract talented professionals to its cities.

The UK is the number one destination for inward investment in Europe and is the fifth largest economy in the world. Businesses in the UK can access the second largest workforce in Europe. The UK’s overall cost of labor is lower than European countries such as France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands and flexible labor laws mean companies can employ staff in a way that best suits their business needs.

Reasons to do business in the UK include:

  • Large and educated labor pool
  • Innovation focus
  • Robust institutions and infrastructure

Doing Business in the United Kingdom

The UK has unique business considerations that may impact a company’s experience. To make business expansion easier, here is a list of important aspects about doing business in the UK:

  • Tax obligations
  • Visa policies
  • Business registration considerations
  • National Insurance
  • The new State Pension
  • Employment considerations
  • Business etiquette

Planning to set up or further expand in the UK? Download our UK business expansion guide to learn more.

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How Tricor can help in the United Kingdom

Tricor Services Europe LLP (Tricor Europe), based in the City of London, offers a comprehensive range of professional services including company secretarial, accounting, payroll and corporate tax advice.

Tricor is well positioned to unlock the potential of your business, and help your company stay one step ahead of today’s diverse and fast evolving regulatory environment.

We can establish your company with the preferred company name, officers and shareholders normally within 24 hours on receipt of complete information. We also carry out the required name availability searches and can provide specialised articles of association. We provide a named corporate secretary, maintain the statutory registers, and offer our address as the directors’ service address so that the residential address is not made available on the company’s public file.

Once your company has been set up there are certain ongoing statutory matters with which companies must comply. We can help to ensure that the company and its directors fulfil all statutory duties and responsibilities regarding statutory filings so as to avoid a potential breach of duty and possible criminal prosecution. On an annual basis, we help our clients:

  • Prepare and file confirmation statements
  • File required statutory accounts
  • Handle filings for event driven changes such as the change of directors or the change of accounting reference date

Other ways in which Tricor can support you are:

  • Bookkeeping and preparation of management accounts (monthly and quarterly)
  • Preparation of statutory accounts
  • Payroll administration
  • Preparation and submission of VAT and corporate tax returns
  • Provision of tax advice for corporation tax, VAT and employment taxes

Tricor Europe, first set up in 2007 as a joint venture, further expanded in 2009 to become a Tricor subsidiary with the acquisition of the company secretarial business from KPMG in the United Kingdom. Tricor Europe has also acquired a 25% interest in MBSL Limited, an Irish outsourced services provider based in Dublin, Ireland (for more information, see Tricor Ireland).

In 2012, we expanded our services adding a range of corporate administration business lines including registrar, nominee and security trustee services alongside specific regulated offerings through Woodside Corporate Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, including custodial and receiving agent services for both Enterprise Investment Scheme Funds and share or securities offers.

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