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Why South Korea?

A hi-tech, cultural juggernaut, South Korea is home to 50 million people and rests between the two Asian giants of China and Japan. Although these two powers often overshadow South Korea as a business destination, the country features a sophisticated and affluent populace, world-leading infrastructure, and a plethora of business opportunities for companies involved in industries like electronic manufacturing and shipbuilding.

The economy of South Korea is the 4th largest in Asia and the 11th largest in the world. It is a mixed economy dominated by family-owned conglomerates called chaebols. South Korea tackled a tough economic crisis in the late 1990’s with landmark economic reforms, including restructuring some chaebols, increasing labor market flexibility and opening up to more foreign investment and imports. These steps led to a relatively rapid economic recovery.

South Korea has also expanded its network of free trade agreements to help bolster exports and has implemented 16 free trade agreements covering 58 countries, including the United States and China, that have galvanised its international reach.

With the strong and diverse purchasing power of more than 50 million consumers, South Korea is an ideal testbed for global markets and a laboratory in which to explore future markets.

Reasons to do business in South Korea include:

  • Business-friendly environment
  • Educated, skilled labor force
  • Strong and stable economy
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Doing Business in South Korea

South Korea has unique business and cultural considerations that shape a company’s experience and impact operations in the country. To make business expansion easier, here is a list of important aspects about doing business in the world's 11th largest economy:

  • Tax guidelines
  • Work permit requirement
  • Employment considerations
  • Business etiquette

Planning to set up or further expand in South Korea? Download our South Korea business expansion guide to learn more.

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How Tricor can help in South Korea

Tricor fully acquired International Outsourcing Inc. (IOI), a prestigious professional services provider, in 2018. Tricor Korea Co., Ltd is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Tricor Korea specialises in company administration, payroll and executive search services, offering best practices and local knowledge to our clients. Staffed by experienced professional accountants as well as human resource and IT consultants, Tricor Korea is committed to customised solutions and excellence in service.

Learn more about Tricor's services in South Korea:

Tricor is well positioned to unlock the potential of your business in South Korea and across Asia, and help your company stay one step ahead of its diverse and fast evolving regulatory environment.

Tricor Group operates across a network of offices in 47 cities across 21 countries / territories.

We serve over 50,000 clients, including ~1,800 companies listed in Asia, over 40% of the Fortune Global 500 companies, as well as a significant share of multinationals and private enterprises operating across international markets.

As leading business expansion specialist in Asia, Tricor provides the building blocks for, and catalyses every stage of your business growth.

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