Investor Services Self Service Portal at is a self-service, web-based platform for the management of holdings by our listed clients and their registered shareholders.

Tricor’s services include the following:

Listed Issuer Services

  • Maintaining and providing access to registered shareholder information, holder lists and holding analyses.

TISC Member (Registered Shareholder) Services

  • Maintaining and providing access to all holdings serviced by TISC, for comprehensive online portfolio management

Non-TISC Member (Registered Shareholder) Services

  • Providing access to issuer-based holding enquiry of securities serviced by TISC, one at a time.

Services available at:

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Other Investor Services

Main Practice Leaders

Natalia Seng

Natalia Seng

Chief Executive Officer

Cayman Islands / Hong Kong (Head office) / Macau / Mainland China

Allan Tong

Allan Tong

Executive Director

Hong Kong (Head office)