Labuan: Southeast Asias business gateway in Malaysia

Labuan: Southeast Asia’s Business Gateway in Malaysia

Asia is the world’s most dynamic region, according to the IMF. Rising household incomes, new infrastructure projects and rapid modernization are all attracting a fresh wave of foreign investors. From traditional manufacturing to emerging digital economies, Asia offers unprecedented commercial opportunity.

Defining Data Privacy is The First Step to Protecting it in Asia

Defining Data Privacy is the First Step to Protecting it in Asia

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force across the European Union (EU). The law dictates how organizations should collect and protect the personal and sensitive data of individuals they monitor or serve in the EU. For CIOs in Asia, the GDPR presents an opportunity to proactively evaluate how their companies can enhance their data privacy protections.

Top 4 tips for Chinese companies going global

Top 4 Tips for Chinese Companies Going Global

Since 1999, China’s Going Global strategy has encouraged private companies to invest abroad. Currently, Chinese companies complete the most deals in Southeast Asia, Australia and the UK while the Belt & Road initiative (B&R) is helping to expand investment across Central Asia, Europe and Africa.

Pamela Chung’s coverage – December 2018

IPO Trends in Hong Kong

The amount of IPO margin financing orders has significantly decreased in 2018. One reason is that investors had lost their faith in the after-market share price performance, if they don’t think the share price will rise, they won’t do IPO financing given that the cost of margin loans cannot be covered.