Managing Your Listed Company Like Never Before

Tricor’s client-first culture has made us stay at the forefront of the industry and never stopped innovating, as we always look for ways to better serve and connect with our clients. Our issuer portal is specially designed for listed issuers to enjoy a seamless customer experience.

Features Like No Other

The issuer portal provides a streamlined view of all the services and solutions that are relevant to our listed issuer clients. With one login, you can:

  • Group 11-3
    View, analyse and download shareholder reports
  • Group 25-1
    Access in-depth ownership data of peers and across industries
  • Group 39
    Manage board and shareholder meetings
  • Group 11-2
    Exchange and store documents on a fully secure platform
  • Group 16
    Stay informed with thought leadership such as analyst research reports, latest news, market trends and regulatory changes
  • Group 13
    Streamline the appointment of key persons

To adapt to the constantly evolving and changing market landscape, new and exciting features will also be added to the portal over time.

Values That We Can
Bring To You

  • Dynamic Features Designed for Plug & Play
    • Adapt to an ever changing regulatory landscape with a catalogue of services to help you manage your listed company
    • Customize your Tricor experience on-the-go & choose only the services you need
  • User-Friendly Design
    • Login to the portal on any device with a responsive interface optimized for both desktop & mobile view
    • Navigate end-to-end seamlessly to ensure the best-in-class experience
  • Seamless Experience
    • Access register of members, manage meetings and conduct competitor analysis all on one single platform
    • Browse the latest information with real-time data feed

Tricor –
The Largest Service Provider for
Listed Issuers with 60%+ Market

Tricor is the leading share registrar in Hong Kong, currently providing share registration and related services to over 1,300 companies whose shares, warrants and/or REIT units are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, representing the largest portfolio of listed issuers under service.

With a team well-versed in regulatory compliance requirements and best practices, combined with our innovative and advanced digital tools, we provide the highest standards of comprehensive listed issuer services tailored to your specific requirements post-listing and beyond. Our digital solutions enable clients to streamline workflows, collaborate more efficiently, make smarter decisions and be more capable of dealing with challenges. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, all of our digital solutions are highly secure with data privacy and security as our top priority.

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Catharine Wong
Managing Director – Head of Share Registry & Issuer Services