Given the need for a better way to manage payroll, Shangri-La explored different options and decided to migrate its system to Tricor’s unify | HRS, a cloud-based platform that runs on Microsoft Azure. More than a simple payroll application, unify | HRS also serves as an analytics platform that enables management to make data-driven decisions on HR matters.


Sunway Resort

“We are proud to say we are immensely satisfied with the services and support rendered by Tricor. We highly appreciate the prompt response and immediate assistance whenever we encounter any issues regarding payroll processing and other HR matters.”

logo Eastern Oriental

Eastern & Oriental Hotel

"The spontaneous assistance and prompt responses whenever we encountered any issues regarding payroll processing and other HR functions was impeccable.”


Hyatt Regency Kinabalu

“We have used Tricor’s services for over 10 years and we are exceedingly satisfied with the prompt assistance whenever we encountered any issues with regards to payroll processing and other HRMS issues. We would highly recommend Tricor to anyone requiring any B2B services.”


Hyatt Regency Kuantan

“The reliable payroll system provides unparalleled accuracy and convenience. We have no difficulty in complying with any updates or changes in government regulations. The support team always provides prompt and helpful responses whenever assistance is needed.”


Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel

“We are more than satisfied with the services provided by Tricor. We are extremely grateful for the prompt responses and excellent support provided by the unify | HRS team over the years.”



“Tricor’s first class support is what has kept us loyal customers of the unify | HRS solution for the past 3 years. Not only is the system reliable and thorough, the support team’s speed and efficiency are also hugely impressive and reduces our workload significantly. I’m confident to say that Tricor is the expert in the HR field.”


Hotel Jen Penang

“We are extremely satisfied with Tricor’s services. The support team provides prompt assistance and useful guidance, especially during critical periods.”


Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

“We have had the privilege to employ Tricor’s services and be provided with first-class support. They responded to our queries swiftly and have been monumentally helpful.”

Westin Hotels & Resorts

Westin Hotels & Resorts

“Both the technical and customer support provided by Tricor is exceptional. The caring team is able to solve each one of our problems with an almost immediate response. The unify | HRS system allows us to comfortably deal with government statutory changes and requirements.”

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Convex Malaysia

"unify | HRS has brought unparalleled support to Convex over the years. It has made compliance with government regulations a much an easier task for us to handle.”

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UDA AnCasa

"Tricor’s unify | HRS system has done marvels for our payroll processing. Tricor’s dedicated customer service team is fast, efficient and their help has been instrumental to our success.”