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eBook: Doing business in Labuan

What’s in this guide?

Why Labuan

Labuan, a Federal Territory of Malaysia, was originally established on 1 October 1990 as an international offshore financial centre to provide for the development of activities in the areas of banking and insurance, trust and fund management, investment holding and other activities. Labuan IBFC was established in year 2008 as the official agency for promotion and marketing of Labuan.

Reasons to do business in Labuan include:

  • Favourable tax structure
  • A well-regulated jurisdiction
  • Modern legislation
  • Relationship with Malaysia
  • Easy company formation
  • Foreign ownership
  • Geographical advantages
  • Globally connected
  • Cost-effective platform

Like all markets in Asia, Labuan has unique business and cultural traits that shape a company’s experience in the city. To avoid any unintentional faux pas and to make life easier, here is a list of important facts about doing business in Labuan:

  • Double taxation agreements
  • Labuan FSA
  • The Labuan Companies Act 1990
  • Labuan protected cell companies
  • Labuan partnership

Who’s this guide for?

This guide is for any company or individual who is thinking about starting a business in Labuan. Our guides are written using informative and concise language so that you get immediate value without having to read a novel or 100 blogs on Google!

Tricor in Labuan

Tricor Trustco (Labuan) Ltd (Tricor Labuan) is based at Labuan Island, Labuan.

Tricor Labuan is a subsidiary of Tricor Services (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (Tricor Malaysia), set up in 2007 through the acquisition of the Labuan practice of the PFA Group, formerly a service arm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Malaysia.

Tricor Labuan is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority and provides a comprehensive range of professional services including entity formation, company secretarial, accounting, payroll, tax and nominee services.

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