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Cayman Islands Business Expansion made easy.

eBook: Doing business in Cayman Islands

“The Cayman Islands (”Cayman”) is well recognised as the pre-eminent offshore jurisdiction among international investment fund managers and investors."

What’s in this guide?

Why Cayman islands?

The most common form of entity used for the establishment of funds in Cayman is the exempted company. This has also long been the vehicle of choice for listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Reasons to set up an offshore entity in Cayman:
Regulatory compliance: The flexibility of the Cayman Islands Companies Law is one of the main reasons Cayman is a leading offshore jurisdiction. Companies that take advantage of this favourable regulatory environment enjoy numerous benefits. The territory also offers easy compliance with HKEX listing rules within a legal framework.

Taxation and exchange control: Businesses are not subject to any local taxes (0% corporate tax) or stamp duties (20-year exemption guarantee). Furthermore, there are no exchange controls.

Ease of operation, maintenance and control: There is no minimum capital requirement to setting up a company. Only one shareholder and one director are required, and there are no residency requirements. There are no annual meeting or annual filing requirements. Companies are allowed to issue “no par value” shares. And there are provisions to protect assets including continuation into other jurisdictions.

Who’s this guide for?

This guide is for any company or individual who is thinking about starting a business in the Cayman Islands. Our guides are written using informative and concise language so that you get immediate value without having to read a novel or 100 blogs on Google!

Tricor in the Cayman Islands

Tricor Services (Cayman Islands) Limited (Tricor Cayman) is based in Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands.

Tricor Cayman, in collaboration with other members of Tricor Group, offers one-stop, integrated solutions that will bring increase of overall operational efficiency to clients.

Tricor Cayman, set up in November 2015, is a joint venture company of Tricor Group.

Formation, registered office and registered agent services

  • Incorporation of Business Companies, formation of limited partnerships, registration of foreign companies
  • Compliance with Cayman regulatory requirements:
    • Provision of registered office and registered agent facilities
    • Custodian services and maintenance of statutory records
    • Attending to statutory filings
    • Arranging for payment of annual fees to the Cayman authority
    • Acting as principal share registrar and transfer agent
  • Issuance of Certificate of Incumbency / Good Standing and document certification
  • Facilitating legalisation and apostille of documents at various embassies and consulates

Services for Cayman investment funds

  • Provision of full administrative support for Cayman funds, fund managers and administrators to ensure statutory compliance
  • Attending to statutory filings

One-stop solution for Cayman-incorporated companies listed in Hong Kong
Tricor Cayman provides principal share registrar and registered office / agent services in Cayman, while Tricor Hong Kong provides branch share registrar and corporate secretarial services in Hong Kong to Cayman-incorporated companies listed in Hong Kong. Under One-Tricor, operational efficiencies are enhanced, in particular, in the conduct of corporate actions involving the transfer and removal of shares between the principal and branch registers, updating of registers, and distribution in specie, among others.

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Market Expansion Guide