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A Close Look at UK Property Market: Opportunities and Considerations

Date: 3 Mar 2022 (Thu)
Time: 07:00pm – 08:00pm HKT / 11:00am - 12:00nn GMT
Language: Cantonese

The rich historical connection between Hong Kong and the UK has made the latter long been a popular emigration and investment destination for Hong Kong people. Interest in UK properties from Hong Kong buyers has increased significantly in recent years in light of growing emigration, study and investment needs.

Join Agnes Chen, Director at Asia Bankers Club, William Ku, a UK Chartered Tax Advisor, and Michelle Lam, Senior Associate at Tricor UK at our upcoming webinar. During which, they will dive deep in the UK property market and discuss on a range of topics, including:

- An overview of the UK property market
- Latest economy and property market updates
- Procedures and costs for investing in UK properties
- Tax considerations
- Buy-to-let ownership: personal vs. company



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