Shareholder Communications

We support effective communication with your shareholders through multiple channels.

Tricor’s services include the following:

  • Sending corporate communication / advices electronically or in hard copy form
  • Dealing with online enquiries from shareholders and the public
  • Dealing with telephone enquiries through our Call Centre
  • Providing face-to-face support at Tricor Investor Services Public Office

Meeting Management

We provide all necessary support for shareholders’ meetings and other meetings.

Tricor is your best choice of scrutineer at meetings. Our expertise and experience, together with customized IT resources, provide full support for meetings and deliver accurate and timely poll voting results.

Services available at:

(Click to contact us at locations of your choice)

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Other Investor Services

Main Practice Leaders

Natalia Seng

Natalia Seng

Chief Executive Officer

Cayman Islands / Hong Kong (Head office) / Macau / Mainland China

Allan Tong

Allan Tong

Executive Director

Hong Kong (Head office)

Yeap Kok Leong

Yeap Kok Leong

CEO & Managing Director

Labuan / Malaysia

Ho Lon Gee

Ho Lon Gee

Director & CEO & Managing Director