As a leading share registrar with an outstanding track record in supporting new issues / initial public offerings (IPOs), we actively participate and provide support throughout the entire listing process.

Tricor’s services include the following:

  • Providing physical and electronic application processing, with a fully equipped electronic application platform offering a wide range of eServices, for instance:
  • Public offering (HK eIPO White Form)
  • Employee preferential offering (ePink Form)
  • Preferential offering for shareholders (eBlue Form)
  • Providing single and dual-currency payment and settlement services
  • Holding meetings with issuers, lawyers, investment bankers, receiving bankers and overseas registrars and providing professional advice
  • Preparing subscription reports for all relevant parties
  • Processing applications, including identification of suspected multiple applications
  • Preparing balloting schemes and formulating the basis of allocation
  • Reviewing allocations / results announcement and preparing allotment reports
  • Attending to removal of shares in batches for dual listing issuers
  • Setting up registers of shareholders / unit holders / warrant holders
  • Preparing, printing and dispatching share / unit / warrant certificates and refund cheques / e-Auto Refund payment instructions
  • Providing allotment results publication / enquiry service, including online enquiry service, hotline enquiry service and publication of allotment results booklets
  • Dealing with claims of non-receipt of share / unit / warrant certificates and refund cheques

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