Portal icon-01What is a e-Rental Reimbursement Scheme portal (eRental Portal)?

It is an online portal for managing rental reimbursement applications and claims.  The portal not only comes with a built-in workflows from application to completion, it also assists to keep track of application and claim status and store rental documents electronically.

emoticons-03Why should I use the eRental Portal? 

  • Reducing paper processes through digitization of forms and workflow
  • Centralizing documents/aggregating information
  • Enhancing communication process with employees
  • Lightening HR workloads and administrative tasks
  • Managing the application and claim at anywhere, at anytime

emoticons-02What does our eRental Portal do?

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  • Process automation
  • Email alert
  • Electronic filing
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emoticons-05Tricor, At Your Service

Tricor has the expertise to assist you in updating your Rental Reimbursement Scheme (RRS) based on best market practice and providing on-going scheme administration supported by our experienced payroll specialists.

Your path to administrative efficiency is simple with Tricor, the leading business expansion specialist in Asia. Ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your RRS now by contacting our executive or filling in the contact form now!


About RRS

RRS is a tax efficiency scheme for employees.  It is a provision of housing benefits in the form of rent-free or rent-subsidised residence, instead of a cash allowance by employers.  In general, employers enter into an arrangement with the employees to reimburse wholly or partly the rental expenses incurred by employees.  Under this arrangement, the housing benefits will be taxed at a preferential rate by the Inland Revenue Department.

How do we benefit?

The RRS has been commonly implemented in Hong Kong by Human Resource Departments to enhance employee experience as it provides the following benefits.

  • Providing tax efficient remuneration package
  • Increasing net take home pay
  • Boosting employees’ morale and retaining talents

If you do not have a RRS in place, Tricor is experienced in formulating and implementing a tailored scheme policy.

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