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Mar 31, 2020

Read the latest insights from Tricor's executives.


(Mar 30, 2020) Ta Kung Pao

Tricor China CEO Hailiang Zhang shared his views on the COVID-19 impact on APAC markets and the significant findings and key insights of Tricor Group’s recent COVID-19 Business Sentiment & Resilience Barometer Report with Ta Kung Pao.

Businesses in the APAC region are struggling to maintain operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 50% of business executives surveyed are worried about future and will be forced to restructure their operations to stay afloat if the situation worsens. Tricor has received an increasing number of inquiries from organizations around the globe looking to overcome challenges posed by COVID-19, and we are dedicated to assisting clients in thriving in the evolving business environment with confidence and future-proof their operations.

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(Mar 25, 2020) Oriental Daily News

2020 is an important milestone to Tricor as it is our 20th anniversary. Joe Wan, CEO of Tricor Hong Kong, spoke to Oriental Daily News about our development focus on providing staffing solutions, private & corporate trust solutions to clients. Tricor Hong Kong is also adopting the work from home approach to cope with the government's precaution under the spread of COVID-19.

Peak season for Annual General Meeting (AGM) is approaching, we understand that organizations are having difficulties in sourcing venues and arranging meetings in view of the outbreak of COVID-19. Tricor has developed a hybrid meeting platform and an advanced digital board portal to simplify tasks for board members & administrators alike and offers significant savings in cost and time.

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(Mar 12, 2020) Irish Independent

Apart from providing outsourced accounting solutions to enable clients to focus on what they are best at, MBSL is now also helping them to operate more efficiently and sustainably by making their back office solutions paperless. They always keep the environment in mind, and they were nominated for an SFA National Small Business Award 2020 in the category of Sustainability. Kieran O’Brien, Executive Director of Tricor Ireland, expressed that adopting paperless solutions and setting up cloud-based systems for their clients enabled MBSL to promote their services as environmentally friendly, which became their services' unique selling point.

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MBSL除了提供外包会计解决方案,使客户能够专注于自己最擅长的领域外,现在还通过使他们的后台方案无纸化来帮助他们更有效、可持续地进行运营。MBSL始终心系环保,并在2020年SFA全国小型企业可持续发展奖中获得提名。卓佳爱尔兰的执行董事Kieran O'Byrne表示,通过无纸化方案以及为客户建立的基于云端的系统,环境友好型服务已逐渐成为MBSL的一项独特卖点。


(Mar 11, 2020) China Daily

Recent developments and investments made in the Greater Bay Area by the Government’s incentive policies and completion of infrastructure brought great attention to the area from investors. Recent reports by KPMG China, HSBC and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce on business opinions concerning opportunities and challenges in the Bay Area pointed out the possible trend of more and more companies expanding into the GBA. Tricor’s CEO of Mainland China, Hailiang Zhang shared with China Daily why companies looking to access Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong SAR must gain a comprehensive understanding of each market's unique policies and characteristics in order to succeed. He also predicted that new-energy technology and high technology, as well as the financial service industries will have a positive growth in the Bay Area.

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(Mar 9, 2020) FutureCFO

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2020, Group Chief Financial Officer, Wendy Wang shared with FutureCFO on her perspective about the changing role of women in finance, particularly at the C-suite. She expressed that a CFO’s numerical age does not matter but, given today’s intergenerational workforce, it is important that they understand the various mindsets across the company. Their strategy should effectively be ageless. She also encourages her team to “lean in” on diversity and inclusion by looking for ways to promote gender and generational equality as a team. Companies should invest in mentoring programs, which can offer wisdom and insights to burgeoning professionals about how to invest time, stay motivated and raise their hands when opportunity arises. It will help keep more women in the field and on the leadership track.

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(Mar 6, 2020) China Daily

Hong Kong businesses have been affected by different challenges since last year, from the ongoing social unrest to the coronavirus outbreak. To mitigate the challenge, companies turn to digital transformation and use digital workspace tools to enable staff working remotely. Group Chief Operating Officer & Group Chief Financial Officer, Wendy Wang shared with China Daily that companies have to constantly review and update their business continuity plan and crisis management plan in order to prepare for different challenges. Apart from taking up digital transformation, Tricor suggests that companies can also adopt risk management strategies, like restructuring, outsourcing internationally and undertaking offshore operations.

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从去年开始,持续的社会动荡到冠状病毒的爆发等各种挑战一直影响着香港企业。面对这些困难,很多公司都采取了数字化转型的策略,并使用数字化工作平台供员工进行远程工作。卓佳集团财务及营运总裁王辉女士在《中国日报》的采访中表示,公司必须不断地审查并更新其业务连续性计划和危机管理计划,以做好准备应对各种挑战。 除了数字化转型外,卓佳还建议企业采取风险管理策略,例如业务重组、国际外包及开展离岸营运。


(Mar 4, 2020) FutureCIO

With Asia seen as the region seen as the economic centre for the 21st century and China the origin-point for the COVID-19 outbreak, it is not surprising that businesses and governments of all sizes are struggling to figure out strategies to help them ride the seemingly unending train of disasters that are rolling across the region. Tricor Group CEO Lennard Yong shared with FutureCIO that companies today face an unprecedented number of potential challenges. The Tricor Group business insights survey, COVID-19 Business Sentiment & Resilience Barometer report, done in partnership with Yougov, revealed that businesses are being negatively impact by COVID-19 to the point where businesses are struggling to adapt, are feeling inadequately prepared to deal with the crisis, and are concerned about the future growth of their business. “As business leaders, we cannot always control the situation, but we can control how we react to it, particularly when it comes to dealing with disruptions to operations.” he added.

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