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Jul 31, 2020

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(July 28, 2020) IFENG.COM

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economy plunged in the first half of 2020 and continues to face uncertainty. The health crisis has presented severe challenges and unveiled the weaknesses of many businesses. Only companies with the agility to respond to the ever-changing business landscape will survive.

Wendy Wang, Tricor Group CFO and COO, shares her insights with IFENG.COM on how companies can learn from the current crisis and diversify their supply chains to improve stability and mitigate risk.

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(July 9, 2020) China Daily

Amid all the uncertainty posed by COVID-19, what’s clear is that business resiliency is the only way forward. Now more than ever, we must embrace collaboration, innovation and flexibility as guiding principles.

Sunshine Farzan, Tricor Group Head of Marketing & Communications, shares with China Daily her thoughts on how businesses can survive and thrive in uncharted waters post-COVID-19.

She underscores that digital transformation and remote working has become the new normal. Now more than ever, international companies need to review, restructure and adapt their operations to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving business environment.

Above: Excerpt from the interview. Please refer to this link to view the article in full from China Daily.


在新冠疫情带来所有的不确定性中,显而易见的是,维持业务弹性是继续前进的唯一方法。 现在,我们应比以往任何时候都必须以协作、创新及灵活性为指导原则。

卓佳集团市场及传讯部总监范阳光(Sunshine Farzan)与《中国日报》分享她对企业如何在疫情过后在未知水域中生存和蓬勃发展的看法。



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