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Feb 28, 2020

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(Feb 2, 2020) Singapore Business Review

Singapore is expected to attract more FDIs, according to Tricor Group CEO, Lennard Yong. Even though its economy is being dragged by the manufacturing sector, its attractiveness for multinationals is not expected to falter for 2020. The country is also looking to strengthen new technology sectors such as biomedical manufacturing. In an interview with Singapore Business Review, Tricor Group CEO Lennard Yong spoke about the investment hotspots driving economic growth and key strategies for luring investors.

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(2020年2月2日)Singapore Business Review

卓佳集团行政总裁杨斌官先生表示,新加坡有望吸引更多的外国直接投资。尽管新加坡的经济受到了制造业的拖累,但预计2020年其对跨国公司的吸引力并不会减弱。新加坡也正在寻求加强生物医学制造业等新技术领域。卓佳集团行政总裁杨斌官先生在接受《Singapore Business Review》的采访时,讲述了推动经济增长的投资热点以及吸引投资者的关键策略。

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