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Health, Wellness and Fitness

Customer profile:

Neways Japan Inc. sells personal care products. The Company provides health supplements,
wellness foods, skin care products, cosmetics, and household sanitary products. Neways Japan also offers kitchen appliances and other beauty supplies.



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Neways Japan and Tricor

Operations streamlined like never before

“Tricor brings three things to the table. The first is deep vertical knowledge in each one of the areas that they consult in. The second is outstanding professionalism in the way they go about their work. The third is the very strong sense of partnership that they work hard to develop with us as a client.”


Terry White, Managing Director


Required a local business partner to take care of the operational structure in Japan.

Tricor Service:


  • Identified challenges with back-office operations in Japan and guided the client the solutions to run the operations more effectively.


Reduced operational challenges while the client also could spend the time to focus on the front-end business.

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